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Costumes of Uttarakhand
The costumes of Uttarakhand, a culturally diverse region in the Himalayas, showcase the rich heritage and traditions of its various communities. From the vibrant sarees and traditional jewelry of Garhwali and Kumaoni women to the colorful attires and unique accessories of tribal groups like Jaunsarees and Bhotias, the costumes of Uttarakhand reflect the cultural diversity, distinct identities of its people, and a trend which is suitable to the climate of the region.
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 Nauvari Saree
The Nauvari saree, a traditional nine-yard attire worn by women in Maharashtra, embodies the rich culture and heritage of the region. This unique saree, also known as Sakachcha or Kaashtha saree, holds both historical significance and contemporary appeal.
 Costumes of Bihar
Costumes of Bihar embody the rich cultural heritage of the state. Men don traditional outfits such as the Dhoti Mirjai, Kurta and Pajama, and Sherwani, while women grace themselves with elegant sarees and embellished lehengas.
 Costumes of Delhi
Costumes of Delhi embody the rich cultural heritage of the city while showcasing a unique fusion of traditional elements and modern trends. From the popular salwar kameez and sarees for women to the timeless kurta pyjamas and sherwanis for men, Delhi`s costumes make a vibrant and stylish fashion statement, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of the city.
 Costumes of Chandigarh
Costumes of Chandigarh uphold a pleasing medley of rich heritage complemented with stylish modernity. The costumes of Chandigarh also showcase the city`s diverse cultural heritage and the unique beauty of enthnicity.
 Costumes of Tripura
The costumes of Tripura have their own traditional ethnicity. The traditional costumes of Tripura, such as Risa, Rignai, and Rikutu Gamcha, reflect the unique cultural heritage of the state. Skilled weavers create exquisite fabrics with intricate designs and motifs inspired by nature and tribal traditions.
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Costumes of Uttarakhand
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