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Gem Cutting Craft of Manipur
The gem cutting craft of Manipur has evolved from the traditional methods to modern well-equipped power driven cutting introduced in the state by trained youths, lending the finest finish to raw gems.
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 Applique Art
Applique is the art of beautiful patchworks with colourful pieces of clothes, glass, metals or gemstones. This art is prevalent in India, since ages.
 Aipan Art
Aipan is a popular art form in the Kumaon region in the state of the Uttarakhand. The designs are mainly performed by females of the family.
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Phulkari craft in India is a traditional embroidery process indigenous to Punjab which creates beautiful hand-woven motifs on shawls and odhanis from Punjab.
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Pandan is prominent piece of art work during the Mughal Era. Generally pandans are found in gold and silver and the art of enamelling has received an altogether different dimension through the pandans.
 Dhokra Art
Dhokra art is one of the earliest known methods of non-ferrous metal casting known to human civilization.
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Gem Cutting Craft of Manipur
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