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Gods of India
India Gods form an inseparable part of the lives of Indians. Indian Gods are considered to be mysterious superhuman beings who are worshipped in this country in various forms.
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 Features of Tantrism
Tantrism is the search for spiritual power and ultimate release by means of the repetition of sacred syllables, phrases, symbolic drawings, and other secret rites. Features of Tantrism have certain steps following which a yogi is able to realize the Absolute Truth.
 Goddesses Of India
Goddesses of India are at an equal footing with their male counterparts, known by various names all over India.
 Varna System in Ancient India
Varna System in Ancient India formed the basic structure of Hindu society. It is among the world’s oldest forms of surviving social stratification. Varna system divided the society into four major sections based on the occupation of the people.
 Nadar Caste
One of the most renowned castes of Tamil Nadu is the Nadar caste. The Nadar community is a mixture of sub-castes and classes of different origins, which came under one banner of Nadar caste gradually.
 Concept of Ultimate Reality
Concept of Ultimate Reality in Bhagavad Gita states that Brahman is ground of existence and all realities. As per the Concept of Ultimate Reality, Brahman is all-embracing, uncreated and infinite. Brahman is the reason and objective of all that exists in the world..
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Gods of India
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