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Deriving its philosophy from Indian metaphysical beliefs, yoga strikes a balance between mind and body. The ultimate aim of yoga remains in unifying the mind and body to attain spiritual contentment. With the right posture, apt movement, correct breathing technique, relaxation and meditation yoga establish a healthy, lively and balanced approach towards life. With its mysticism and religiosity yoga typifies balance in every area of life.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras  (217)
Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  Sadhana Pada  (69)
  Vibhuti Pada  (56)
  Samadhi Pada  (50)
  Kaivalya Pada  (34)
  Patanjali  (1)
Yoga  (65)
  Yoga and Health  (32)
  Yoga And Human Body  (6)
  Yoga for Women  (4)
  Yoga for Athletes  (2)
  Indian Yogic Philosophy  (1)
Pranayama, Yoga  (47)
Pranayama, Yoga
  Types of Pranayama  (27)
  Nadi  (2)
  Shatkarma  (2)
  Gaja Karani  
  Arambha Avastha  
Types of Yoga  (25)
Types of Yoga
  Sahaja Yoga  (5)
  Surya Yoga  (4)
  Tantra Yoga  (3)
  Japa Yoga  (3)
  Swara Yoga  (2)
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