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History of India
History of IndiaIt is sheer pleasure to delve into the rich Indian history. Fascinating tales of bravery, splendour, beauty and chivalry are woven wonderfully to establish the mammoth history of one of the oldest civilisations of the world. Moreover who can forget the great struggle for Indian Independence that claimed the lives of numerous freedom fighters! The Indian history, thus, traces the evolution of India as a secular republic.
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Sub Categories of History of India
Modern History of India  (1450)
Modern History of India
    British Empire in India  (1112)
  Indian Freedom Struggle  (113)
  Socio-Religious Reform Movements...  (45)
  Indian Revolutionaries  (26)
  Indian Renaissance  (25)
Medieval History of India  (438)
Medieval History of India
    Mughal Dynasty  (108)
  Maratha Empire  (65)
  Islamic Architecture  (49)
  Sufism  (24)
  Delhi Sultanate  (22)
Maurya Empire  (204)
Maurya Empire
    Mauryan Kings  (173)
  Administration of Mauryan Dynast...  (3)
  Pushyamitra Sunga  (2)
  Mauryan Art  (2)
  Downfall of Mauryas  (1)
History of South India  (190)
History of South India
    Vijayanagar Empire  (46)
  Rashtrakuta Dynasty  (21)
  Chola Dynasty  (20)
  Aravidu Dynasty  (12)
  Pallava Dynasty  (11)
Ancient History of India  (141)
Ancient History of India
    Vedic Civilisation in India  (51)
  Indus Valley Civilisation  (19)
  Sunga Dynasty  (5)
  Indian Races  (5)
  Saka Kings of India  (4)
Indian Historical Dynasties  (126)
Indian Historical Dynasties
    Ahom Dynasty  (36)
  Vardhan Dynasty  (27)
  Chalukya Dynasty  (26)
  Parmaras  (5)
  Nanda Dynasty  (4)
Sources of History of India  (90)
Sources of History of India
    Archaeology of India  (82)
  Archaeological Survey of India  (3)
  Indian Manuscripts  (1)
  Metallurgical History Of India  
Sepoy Mutiny 1857  (57)
Sepoy Mutiny 1857
    Siege Of Lucknow  (6)
  Siege of Delhi  (3)
  Causes of Sepoy Mutiny, 1857  (2)
  Reconquest of Central India  (2)
  Siege Of Agra  (1)
Gupta Empire  (53)
Gupta Empire
    Gupta Emperors of India  (22)
  Art and Architecture of the Gupt...  (6)
  Literature under Gupta Empire  (2)
  Education During Gupta Age  
  Development of Philosophy under ...  
History of India  (39)
History of India
    Indian Culture  (8)
  Indian Battles  (6)
  Indian Mathematics  (5)
  Ancient Indian Society  (5)
  Iron Age in India  (2)
Indian Governor- Generals  (24)
Indian Governor- Generals
    Warren Hastings  (10)
  Lord William Bentinck  (4)
  Lord Cornwallis  (3)
  Lord Wellesley  
  Sir John Shore  
British Indian Acts  (23)
British Indian Acts
    Indian Charter Acts  (4)
  Government of India Act  
  Government of India Act,1858  
  Queen’s Proclamation of 185...  
  Defence of India Act 1915  
Sixteen Mahajanapadas  (22)
Sixteen Mahajanapadas
    Chedi  (4)
  Avanti  (2)
  Panchala  (1)
Sources of Ancient Indian History  (15)
Sources of Ancient Indian History
    Foreign Sources of Ancient India...  (1)
  Classical Sources of a Ancient I...  
  Islamic Sources for Ancient Indi...  
  Classification of Sources of anc...  
  Literary Sources of Ancient Indi...  
Indian Rulers  (15)
Indian Rulers
    Harishchandra  (1)
Aryans  (10)
    Aryan Invasion Theory  
  Origin Of The Aryans  
  Original Home of Aryans  
  War of Aryans  
  Society of Aryans  
Post Independent India  (8)
Post Independent India
    Indo China Conflict, 1962  
  Shimla Agreement  
  Delhi Agreement 1952  
  Tashkent Declaration  
  Praja Socialist Party  
Kushana Empire  (8)
Kushana Empire
    Kanishka  (2)
  Later Kushanas  
  Downfall of Kushana Empire  
  Society and Civilization of the ...  
  Kujala Kadphises I  
Kadamba Dynasty  (7)
Kadamba Dynasty
    Kadambas of Banavasi  
  History of Kadamba Dynasty  
  Kadamba Dynasty in Goa  
  Kadamba Dynasty in Hangal  
Ancient Indian Culture  (2)
Ancient Indian Culture
    Fundamental concepts of Indian c...  
  Literary Sources for Ancient Ind...  
Classical Age in India  
Classical Age in India
Sakyamuni, Gautama Buddha  
Sakyamuni, Gautama Buddha
Religious Revolution during 6th Century B.C. in India  
Religious Revolution during  6th Century B.C. in India
Meteorology In India  
Meteorology In India
Rise of Hunas  
Rise of Hunas
Ancient Ships in India, Indian History  
Ancient Ships in India, Indian History
History of India Sitemap
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