Haribhadra Suri, Jain Author - Informative & researched article on Haribhadra Suri, Jain Author
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Haribhadra Suri, Jain Author
Haribhadra Suri was a Swetambara Jain leader and author. According to his writings he is a student of Jinabhadra who has many notable works to his credit.
 Book of Haribhadra Suri, Jain AuthorHaribhadra Suri was a Swetambara mendicant Jain leader and writer. His life is shrouded in mystery. There are various conflicting dates regarding his date of birth. It is said that he dates back to the eighth century. He was taught by Jinabhadra. Haribhadra was an educated Brahmin who had declared that he would become a pupil of anyone who stated a sentence which he could not understand. Once he heard a Jain nun named Yakini Mahattara narrate a verse that he could not understand. He went to her teacher Jinabhata, who promised Haribhadra that he would teach him if he embraced Jainism. Haribhadra immediately agreed, and later took the name Yakiniputra, or "Spiritual Son of Yakini".

According to another account Haribhadra Suri is shown having relations between Buddhist and Jain mendicants. He was teaching two of his nephews. They went to study logic at a Buddhist temple secretly and fled after their true identity was discovered. One of the nephews was killed and the other died of grief. Haribhadra engaged the monks in a philosophical debate and won. Those who lost he ordered them to jump into a tub of hot oil. When Haribhadra`s teacher came to know of this he ordered him to undertake harsh penances for his conduct. He did as he was told and took the title "Virahanka", which means "having separation."

Works of Haribhadra Suri
Haribhadra Suri is well known for his works in Sanskrit and Prakrit which deal with Jain doctrines and ethics. As per tradition there are 1400 different works assigned to him. Some of the works are respected a lot in Jainism. His major teachings include tolerance for other traditions and that ultimate reality that can be seized from different perspectives.

Through his writings, he has established that Sanskrit language would be the language of Jain study. He was familiar with the techniques of Brahmanical study and wrote in the same style. He is noted for respect he had towards other religions. He wrote a commentary on the Nyayapravesa which is a text on Indian logic by the Buddhist scholar Dignaga. He supports similar Jain thought.

Notable works of Haribhadra Suri:
* Anekantajayapataka (puts arguments about anekantavada)
* Ashtakaprakarana (its about the eightfold path)
* Dharmabindu (outlines the rules for beggars as well as speaks of the delight of Moksha)
* Dhurtakhyana (a sort of a satire on Hinduism)
* Pancasaka (a Prakrit composition on rituals)
* Saddarsanasamuccaya (collection of Six Philosophies)
* Samaraiccakaha(its about Samaraicca)
* Sastravartasamuccaya (collection of instructive Teachings)
* Yogabindu (Yoga)
* Yogadrishtisamuccaya (collection of views on Yoga)
* Yogasataka (a work on yoga)
* Sanmatti Prakaran
* Jambudvipasamgrahani

(Last Updated on : 20/02/2013)
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Haribhadra Suri, Jain Author - Informative & researched article on Haribhadra Suri, Jain Author
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