Treatment of Cataract - Informative & researched article on Treatment of Cataract
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Treatment of Cataract
Treatment of Cataract can be done by undergoing various types of conventional processes and alternative medicines.
 Treatment of CataractCataract is an eye disorder that may affect any individual at any moment of life. It is blurring of the vision that mostly occurs at an old age, however there are certain types of cataracts that can hamper an individual's eyesight at a young age or be present during birth too.

Individuals who develop cataracts, their sharp visions are affected as the cataracts progresses and allow less light from an image to be projected onto the retina through the lens. Cataracts, though usually develop over a long period of time, over the years the worsening of the condition affect the ability of the individual to perform normal activity.

Nevertheless, cataract is a curable eye ailment and the treatments are designed depending on the type and symptom. Treatment of cataract can be of several kinds. The most common method that can set right this eye disorder is conventional treatment. Furthermore, alternative medicines also play a considerable role in correcting cataract.

Types of Cataract Treatment
Treatment of cataract may vary according to the intensity of the problem. If a cataract causes minor vision problem, patients may opt to rectify their vision through glasses or contact lenses. There are various types of contact lenses that are selected by the individual which are more convenient for the individual. Eventually, when the cataracts begin providing a greater impact on the life of the individual, patients choose surgery as the remedy.

However, according to the conventional treatment, glasses and contact lenses are only temporary remedies for a cataract problem. Once the cataract starts worsening, the only option of treating it can be through conventional surgery. Besides, the conventional methods of cataract, this eye ailment can be treated with the aid of alternative medicines too.

Alternative medicines such as naturopathy, traditional medicines, homeopathy and Ayurveda can be used to treat cataract. Treatment of cataract can be done naturally. Various herbs, exercises and therapies can correct this eye disorder. Moreover, Ayurveda is considered to have admirable healing methods.

Treatment through Ayurveda
In Ayurveda, cataract is known as 'timira' or 'lin ganesha'. The therapy used in Ayurveda to treat cataracts is to bathe the eye with an eye wash made of triphala tea. The tea is composed of a powder prepared from three Indian fruits.

Treatment through Homeopathy
Treatment of cataract through homeopathy can be time consuming, yet homeopathy is advantageous in rectifying cataract since it proves the ability to prevent and control the progress of cataract. Homeopathy for cataract offers eye drops such as Homeopathic Cineraria Maritima Succus which needs to be used once diagnosed through homeopathy.

Treatment through Naturopathy
Naturopathy treatment for cataract can be helpful at an early stage only when the initial signs of the eye disorder are seen. Treatment of cataract through naturopathy involves a thorough course of cleansing the entire body toxins. The cleansing process can be done through taking enema for three days with castor oil, errand oil and followed by a juice diet for four days. The juice therapy includes juices from citrus fruit which are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in repairing the collagen tissues of the body. Juice therapy is necessary to fulfil the need of the body's additional antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Mahatriphala ghrita is also useful in curing eye problem. Another essential naturopathic medicine includes Chadrodaya vati which is used by rubbing in honey. A paste is prepared and is applied to the eyes.

Treatment through Reflexology
Cataract is such an eye disorder that can be corrected though reflexology also. In certain cases, this therapy has proved to be beneficial. The points used in reflexology hone in on the "eye, ear, neck, cervical spine, kidney and all of the points on the tops and bottoms of the toes, with emphasis on the pituitary and thyroid gland".

Treatment through Imagery Therapy
An additional therapy to set right the cataract in a person consists of imagery therapy. There are many images that help to heal the cataracts. Acupuncture can be a way of treating cataract. Acupuncturists heal cataracts by unblocking stagnant energy (Chi) within the meridians of the body. This increases the circulation of the blood throughout the entire body, possibly increasing the amount of nutrients that reach the area of the eye in need of extra antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Treatment through Proper Diet
Treatment of cataract can also be done through consumption of seasonal vegetables as well as fast therapies. A patient suffering from cataract and undergoing treatment needs to modify his eating habits and lifestyle.

Intake of fruits rich in vitamin C, raw vegetable salads seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice dressing and soaked raisins, figs or dates should be the part of one's diet. Other vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, drum stick, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, turnip, steamed in their own juices, and few nuts, fruits, such as apples, pears and grapes can help in building the lost immunity.

Thus, there is the possibility with these treatment procedures cataracts may be reduced or at least the progression can be slowed down or cured completely.

(Last Updated on : 27/11/2014)
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Treatment of Cataract - Informative & researched article on Treatment of Cataract
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