Stars in Hand, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Stars in Hand, Palmistry
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Stars in Hand, Palmistry
Stars in Hand hold special significance in the study of human nature as per palmistry. Palmistry states that the study of stars in hand varies as per their different positions in hands.
 Stars in Hand, PalmistryStars in hand are considered of adequate importance in the study of palmistry. Stars are not visible on the palm on the first view. Palmistry states that a careful study of an individual's hand will reveal that there are a number of stars on the palm. But their results vary based upon the different locations of origin. Stars in hand are a sign of excellent and unexpected brilliance in one's life. As per the science of Palmistry, any line that ends in a star shows immense accomplishments in life.

As the palmists have opined, if there is a mark of star on the mount of Jupiter then that person certainly achieves full success in his life. These individuals attain wealth, respect, honour and high designation in the course of their lives. They always ascend to progress and achieve respectable positions and a great success in the society. They earn good name in the society in spite of having humble beginning. If there is a sign of star on the mount of Saturnthen such individuals get rapid rise in fortune. They move ahead towards their aims and get fame and respect in their respective lives. They gain success with little effort in work.

According to palmistry, if there is a star mark on the mount of Sun then those persons get full benefit of wealth in their lives. Materially they do not lack anything, and they remain healthy, both physically and mentally. Those people having star on the mount of Sun are found to lead a peaceful family life. If there is a star mark on the mount of Mercury then those individuals become successful businessmen and entrepreneur. Though they can also be a successful poet or writer, but they mainly achieve success in business sphere. If there is a mark of star on the mount of Dragon's Tail then that person's childhood is spent very happily and he does not require any material benefits in his life. If there is a star on the mount of Venus the individual gets successful in all his love affairs. A star mark on the mount of Mars specify at the person is courageous and patient. He also leads a disciplined and ordered life. He gets full fame honour in his life. If there is a mark of star on the mount of Dragon's head his fortune always favours him. He gets full fame and honour in his life.

A star mark on the lines of travelling shows that the person will die away from his house at a place of pilgrimage. In such cases such individuals should not go for travelling in distant places, as suggested by the palmists. If there is a mark of star on the line of Moon then that person suffers from physical ailments and sickness. These people suffer from diseases throughout their lives. Palmists suggest that the sign of star on the palm has several contrary results also. On the lines of the Mars the sign of stars is unfavourable. If there is a mark of star on the marriage line then that person faces many obstructions in his marriage life and his family life cannot be termed as happy one. If there is a mark of star on the Health line then that person remains weak in health throughout his life and dies in miserable circumstances.

Again stars in the palm are favourable in numerous cases. If there is a star on the Sun line then that person gets extraordinary success in business and gets many opportunities to acquire wealth in his life. If there is a star on the Heart line then he suffers from diseases related to heart. If there is a sign of star on the Head line then the person suffers from disease of the nerves. These people are also prone to get affected by mental disorders. If a person has a mark of star on the Life line, he is assumed to die abruptly in his youth. If a person has a sign of star on the thumb, it indicates that he is patient and successful. A sign of star on the index finger shows that the person is quite positive by nature.

In a nutshell palmistry suggests that the sign of stars on the palm need thorough study. They should be studied with utmost care. These marks assist in determining behaviour of a person and they are also important in forecasting and predicting future.

(Last Updated on : 21/03/2014)
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Stars in Hand, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Stars in Hand, Palmistry
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