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Fanaa , Indian movie
`Fanaa`, the Indian movie directed by Kunal Kohli is a comeback film of Kajol in 2006.
 Fanaa , Indian movieThe Indian movie, 'Fanaa', is a Yash Chopra production directed by Kunal Kohli. Fanaa released in the year 2006 where Aamir Khan plays the role of a guide in Delhi and Kajol plays a Kashmiri girl. Rishi Kapoor and Kirron Kher play the role of Kajol's parents. Kajol made a comeback after many years.

The film was originally planned to be shot in Kashmir but due to some unavoidable circumstances the director had to change the location. The director chose to move the Kashmir segment to the Tatra Mountains which are a part of Carpathian Chain in southern Poland. This place provides suitably snowy and mountainous terrain. Among several other locations it was filmed at certain historical locations in Delhi including the Red Fort, Jantar Mantar, Qutub Minar, Purana Qila and Lodhi Gardens.

Synopsis of the Indian movie 'Fanaa'
The story of Indian film 'Fanaa' is slightly inspired by a novel by Ken Follet 'Eye Of The Needle'. The climax of the film has been lifted from the Kannada movie 'Aryabhatta' starring Ramesh Arvind and Soundarya.

Zooni Ali Beg played by Kajol is a blind Kashmiri girl. She travels to Delhi with her friends to perform a dance on Indian Independence Day. In Delhi she meets a tourist guide named Rehan Khan played by Aamir Khan. He is a charming guy with least interest in seriousness of life. Zooni becomes attracted by Rehan and in spite of her friend's alert she starts spending time with him. Zooni travels New Delhi city with Rehan and feels the experience along with Rehan. Eventually they spend a night together. They decide to marry. Zooni's mother Nafisa played by Kirron Kher and father Zulfikar Ali Baig played by Rishi Kapoor agree with the proposal and decide to come to Delhi to see their daughter. In the meantime, Zooni and Rehan visit an eye specialist. The doctor tells that Zooni's blindness can be cured with a minor operation. They decide to do the operation before their marriage. Both of them are very happy when Zooni asks Rehan to go to the Rashtrapati Bhawan and invite their friend there. Rehan goes to invite the guard Jolly Good Singh played by Jaspal Bhatti. Zooni's operation is successful, she waits for Rehan and just then the news comes that Rehan is dead in a bomb blast in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan. Zooni breaks into tears but her parents consoles her and take her back to Kashmir.

Fanaa , Indian movieBut the actual reality lies somewhere else which tells that Rehan is a terrorist. He is actually fighting to liberate Kashmir from both India and Pakistan. He is a capable soldier and grandson of the leader of the Independent Kashmir Front. He has completed various missions and this time also he planned the blast in the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Presently they are planning for another devastation. This time the terrorists are about to do another explosion. They want to build a nuclear explosive device. This device would be very strong and capable of destroying a whole city i.e. New Delhi or even other big city such as Islamabad within a ten mile radius. But in the process to execute the plan one important thing is missing and that is the detonator or electric trigger. Rehan has to do the job of finding the 'trigger'. By that time Zooni returns back to Kashmir and give birth to a baby boy and named him Rehan.

As next step Rehan passes through an Indian army. The army was taking back the trigger to Delhi. Rehan gives drugs to the army in a helicopter when it was carrying the trigger. He makes them unconscious and takes the trigger. He also destroy the helicopter and to avoid doubt and vanished by a parachute. Although a key intelligence operator Malini Tyagi played by Tabu understands the fact about Rahan. Rehan though wounded escapes successfully. Malini commanded communications blackout throughout the area. He does so with an order to avoid any connection between Rehan and his leader of IKF.

Rehan becomes exhausted. He is incommunicative and need shelter in a house in that remote area. He gets a place but becomes confused after seeing that the house belongs to his girlfriend Zooni. Zooni cound not recognize him as she never saw him and so with her father. Rehan feels some affection towards his son. Some days later he admits his identity to the family. Zooni and her father are very happy. They ask about Rehan's disappearance but he could not answer properly. Zooni's father arranges a smaal marriage to serve the ritual.

After some days Zooni and her father both separately become aware of the fact that Rehan is a terrorist and many people are after him. Zooni's father takes Rehan to his friend's house who is in army. They try to use the radio transmitter. Rehan got the feel and accidentally kills Zooni's father to save his own life. He uses the transmitter to contact the IKF. They inform him that they will send a helicopter to pick him up. Rehan kills the army officer and goes to Zooni's house. Zooni eventually finds her father dead. He was floating by under the river that has become ice. Zooni and her son were playing there and when Rehan returns home, he tells Zooni that her father is at his friend's house.

Zooni immediately suspects that Rehan killed her father. She steals the trigger from Rehan's pocket and take this to her father's friend's house. She gives the news to the army. Tyagi notifies that the trigger is very important and the army is coming as early as possible. But before the force come Rehan finds her. He tries to achieve the trigger and takes it to the leader of the IKF. Rehan tries to make her understand that nothing will happen if they give it to IKF. Rehan also promises Zooni that he will never go with them and will live with Zooni. But Zooni is determined and she kills Rehan to stop him. Seeing Rehan dead the leader gets angry. He shoots Zooni but the army shoots the terrorist and also destroys the helicopter with constant firing.

The last part of the film is tragic where Zooni and her son go to the graves of Rahan and Zooni's father to offer flowers.

Cast and Crew of the Indian film 'Fanaa'
The star cast of the film includes Aamir Khan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Kirron Kher, Tabu, Lara Dutta, Shiney Ahuja, Gautami Kapoor, Sharat Saxena, Lilette Dubey, Shruti Seth, Jaspel Bhatti, Vrajesh Hirjee, Master Ali Haji, Sanaya Irani, Satish Shah. Kunal Kohli directs the movie while it is produced by Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra. Music in the film is given by Jatin-Lalit while Ravi K. Chandran does the cinematography.

Awards for the Indian film 'Fanaa'
The Indian movie 'Fanaa' is an award-winning movie, which is known as Kajol's comeback movie as well. The film has got many filmfare awards as best actress, best male playback and as best lyricist. It has also won Zee Cine awards as best actor (female) and best playback singer. The Indian movie 'Fanaa' got IIFA awards as best lyricist and best male playback while it has got star Screen awards as best male playback.

(Last Updated on : 07/04/2014)
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Fanaa , Indian movie - Informative & researched article on Fanaa , Indian movie
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