Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal - Informative & researched article on Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal
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Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal
Science City, Kolkata illuminates perfectly an eager learner in quest for scientific knowledge.
 Science City, KolkataThe developed city of Kolkata is no way lagging behind, when it comes to prove their in-depth knowledge in science and the application of scientific laws and truth to practical utility. The city has reached the acme of perfection in the field of scientific and technological advancement. And the Science City is the concrete manifestation of this inviolable fact.

The Science City, Kolkata brings into the limelight the awesome wonders that science can bring about and the thrilling experience it can gift the viewers and visitors who experience them. This amusement as well as educational park, delivers instruction under the sugar-coating of entertainment in the most innovative manner. And a positive attribute is definitely the natural setting in which it is located.

This amazing settlement is situated on the confluence point of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and the Park Circus connector. This Science Park is a splendid extension of the National Council of Science Museum .

The Convention Center Complex is one of the conspicuous aspects of the Science City, Kolkata. The Convention Centre Complex houses a spacious huge auditorium , possessing an accommodation-strength of 2215 persons , in addition to smaller auditorium , capable of containing only 400 persons. Besides, the Complex is constituted by eight seminar halls of varying spaces . They are invested with co-existing translation arrangement and audiovisual systems. Impressive catering-facilities, ensuring the provisions for food, are present in the lounge-area . Telephone, fax and secretarial advantages can be availed of in the Convention Center Complex.

It is said that the oriental brains are masters of competitive disciplines, like, maths and related science disciplines. The Dynamotion making possible hands-on activities with display items related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, mechanics and environment can turn the thirsty and intelligent pursuers into extraordinary scholars, say, mathematics-wizard .

The Energy Ball is the perfect means of attesting the principle of conversion of energy , as is demonstrated by balls, descending in rolling movement, down loops and bends. Space Theatre is one of the most awesome contrivances of generating the superb sensation of voyaging into the outer space, with an aim of discovering the extra-planetary life in the fathomless universe, beyond exploration. The slanting dome-shaped theatre, having a holding range of 360 people , can throw one into the over briming thrill of enjoying the exclusive Astrovision, together with the mind-blowing Universum. At the Space Theatre, the adventurous visitor can undergo, a fearsome expedition in the wild interiors of the make-believe Serengeti Reserve Forest . This unique Space Theatre is the single example in India . The first of this type is there in Japan.

In science fictions we have read about the astounding adrenalin-raising Time Machine which causes one to believe in a reversal of one's situation, back in time. Here it allows the visitor to experience an enchanting feigned journey through space or going back by crossing the gates of time.

This arrangement certainly transports one into a synthetic but an enigmatic journey to Egypt, the land of the pyramids and the Nile . One can even luxuriate in make-believe adventures in cyberspace and so on. Again there is a man-made Jurassic Park , wherein, life-like Dinosaurs strode and roar to the sheer surprise of the awestruck visitors.

Equally fascinating is the enormous repertory of birds and insects. Thus the natural world receives one of its best , seemingly true representations in the Science City. Even one is bound to gaze in amazement at the reality-like showcasing of the inside of a volcano. There are also simultaneous exhibitions of natural mishap-inviting catastrophes such as tornadoes, earthquakes or death-traps, like quicksand.

Our olfactory modality, encounters an intriguing test of its sharpness, in Garden of Smells, releasing multiple kinds of fragrances. People can differentiate the smells by pressing individual buttons.

One segment of the Science City, Kolkata, keeps on display insects and reptiles. In this extremely educative section, resides magnificent aquariums containing gold fish, Alvino Shark and many other aquatic organisms. The radiant corals and the resplendent flora and fauna exerts a charming sensation on the minds of the spectators .

Furthermore, natural developments and the laws of motion get well-explained to the general people through mechanical gismos or machines .

There are also musical fountain, demarcated area for picnic and other facilities etc. Indeed, Calcutta of the new millennium is totally incomplete without Science City. It is open everyday including Sundays and all public holidays from 9 am. to 9 pm. Within the premises, the Science City is crowded with trees and lawns , which provide ample scope for identifying and knowing new things .

Science City, fills one with thrill and excitement to the utmost level. An obvious instance is the rope-way ride, giving one the chance to visualize the panorama of the entire Science City, from above .

There are the musical fountain and marked space allotted for picnic. This assuredly augments the sense of pleasure overwhelming the visitors, enjoying at the Science City, Kolkata.

Science City , Kolkata, delivers vital scientific and natural facts and knowledge , in the most delight-wooing manner. Acquisition of knowledge there, leaves the mind not only enlightened, but also the spirit, refreshed.

(Last Updated on : 03/04/2012)
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Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal - Informative & researched article on Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal
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