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Shitau Pranayama
Shitau Pranayama is a kind of pranayama which helps to control thirst and hunger.
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 Simhasana Yoga Asana
Simhasana is a meditative posture where the practitioner imitates the poise of a lion.
 Kapotasana Yoga Asana
Kapotasana is an asana that is also known as Pigeon Pose. It is an excellent hip opening pose which also energizes the body. It is beneficial for those battling infertility.
 Kapalabhati Kriya
Kapalabhati of the six cleansing process / kriya of the Hatha yoga.
Ustrasana is one of the cultural asanas that helps to improve the circulatory and muscular systems, and derives its name from the Sanskrit word for camel, Ustra.
 Utkatasana Yoga Asana
Utkatasana is a cultural yoga asana that makes the calf muscles healthy and removes constipation and nervousness, and translates to the `powerful pose`.
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Shitau Pranayama
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