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Hindu Marriage Act
Hindu marriage act is the legal sacramental union and came into authority on18 May 1955.
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 Symbolism of Food in Bengali Wedding
Symbolism of food in Hindu Bengali Wedding ranges from its use as an item of consumption to its use as an offering to the Gods for the well being of the married couple.
 Baarat - Indian Marriage Customs
Procession of the bridal pair along the main streets of the village is one of the customs of India.
 Bengali Wedding Tatwa
Tatwa is the ceremonial gift presentation which is a part of the Bengali marriage ceremonies. It involves giving certain gifts to the bride’s family from the groom’s family and vice-versa. Traditionally, the biggest available fish is presented by either side which forms the centerpiece of the tatwa.
 Hindu Wedding Rituals
Hindu Wedding Rituals have been followed since ancient Vedic times and are in keeping with the religious traditions of Hinduism. There are a number of meaningful rituals which go into making a Hindu wedding.
 Gandharva Marriage
Gandharva marriage finds enough mention in Hindu mythologies and epics and involves exchange of garlands.
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Hindu Marriage Act
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