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Bansuri Flute
Bansuri is an Indian musical instrument that is common in the North Indian or Hindustani classical music. It personifies Indian culture to the hilt.
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The Dotara is a traditional musical instrument originating from Eastern India. This plucked-string instrument holds cultural significance in the region, producing melodious tunes that have been cherished for generations.
 Karam Songs
Karam Song is a form of folk music performed by tribal communities in West Bengal and other east Indian states. These songs are composed with devotion and enriches the cultural heritage of the cultural heritage and musical tradition of the tribal communities of Bengal.
 Tarja Music
Tarja, with its rich tradition and history form an important folk poetry contest in the state of West Bengal.
 Conga Musical Instrument
The Conga is a hand-drum of Afro-Cuban descent; it is widely used in Latin music.
 Surbahar Muscial Instrument
Surbahar, though rather similar to the sitar, possesses a distinctness of its own in terms of its continuity.
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Bansuri Flute
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