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Indian Cities

Being a country reflecting varied cultures, lifestyle, history and civilisation, India today is redefined by its upmarket cities, leading a momentous existence. With the four metros guiding the way, other Indian cities have fast come up with improvisations and a sophisticated outlook to a people-friendly living whilst boasting their copious heritage.

Cities of India  (2003)
Cities of India
  Cities of Tamil Nadu  (289)
  Cities of Uttar Pradesh  (244)
  Cities of Rajasthan  (163)
  Cities of Maharashtra  (132)
  Cities of Jammu and Kashmir  (129)
Capital Cities of India  (314)
Capital Cities of India
  Kolkata  (136)
  Chennai  (30)
  Jaipur  (26)
  Mumbai  (21)
  Hyderabad  (18)
Cities of East India  (226)
Cities of East India
  Cities of West Bengal  (152)
  Cities of Bihar  (71)
  Cities of Odisha  
Ancient Indian Cities  (53)
Ancient Indian Cities
  Vaishali  (4)
  Magadha  (3)
  Champhai  (2)
  Poompuhar  (2)
  Sravasti  (1)
Indian Holy Cities  (45)
Indian Holy Cities
  Holy Cities of North West India  (10)
  Haridwar  (8)
  Allahabad  (7)
  Gaya  (3)
  Ayodhya  (3)
Port Cities in India  (31)
Port Cities in India
  Mangalore  (6)
  Kochi  (4)
  Haldia  (3)
  Surat  (3)
  Porbandar  (1)
Indian Cities
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