Costumes of Madhyapradesh - Informative & researched article on Costumes of Madhyapradesh
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Costumes of Madhyapradesh
Costumes of Madhyapradesh execute diversity in various aspects. Handicrafts and different textile techniques have given rise to a rich diversity of costumes of Madhya Pradesh.
 Tribal Costumes of Madhya Pradesh Costumes of Madhya Pradesh show multiplicity in various aspects. Handicrafts and different textile techniques have given rise to a rich diversity of costumes of Madhya Pradesh.

Men's costume in Madhya Pradesh
The majority of the men of Madhya Pradesh attest Dhoti as their traditional costume. Safa, a kind of turban, is the headgear, which is the common feature of Madhya Pradesh's costume. Furthermore, a white or black jacket called Bandi or Mirzai, is a part of the men's attire, specifically in Bundelkhand and Malwa. The myriad colours of this traditional costume of the men of Madhya Pradesh, gives the men a radiant and dignified appearance. Tribal men, for presenting themselves in public wear short-sized Dhotis, but in the remote ambience of the forests they feel cozy in minimal garment, called langot.

Women's costume in Madhya Pradesh
The womenfolk of Madhya Pradesh dress themselves in Lehenga and Choli. Another additional strip of cloth called Orni or Lugra is draped around the head and shoulders, to retain a decent and sober look. Red and black, are the favourite shades for this feminine costume. Saree is also widely worn by the females of this state.

Bandhani cloth is produced on a huge scale in Maundsar, Indore and Ujjain. The fabric is painted with molten wax and is dyed with cold dyes to create a cloth variety called Batik. Contrast patterns on Batik cloth are quite well-known. The delicate Chanderi sarees and Maheshwari sarees produced in Madhya Pradesh are hand-woven, and they are quite renowned all over India. It is interesting to note that the air of Western dress-pattern has already started blowing in the towns and Kasbas of Madhya Pradesh. Mill-manufactured clothes are in vogue in urban areas. In fact, modern dresses form an integral part of the daily costume in Madhya Pradesh. Ready-made dresses, with a medium coarse quality, rampant in weekly markets are the daily costume. Special occasions and delightful festivals witness people roaming around in utmost revelry. Their costumes in such wonderful moments are resplendent, colourful costumes, enriched with fascinating prints. Immaculate white garments are celebrated as the foremost priority.

The tribal women of this state augment their beauty in silver or Kathir ornaments. Their treasure-chest incorporates Kadas (bracelets) and Kangni (bangles) on hand and Hansli and Haar (necklace). Aluminium or silver bracelets decorate the wrist and armbands, the upper-arm. Bali or little ear-studs, Zele on the forehead, silver Kandora on the waist-line, payal (anklet) and Bichhudi on the toes, gives the tribal woman a gorgeous look. The accessories of the refined and educated elite women have a different charm. They go for similar types of ornaments, but they have the affordability to indulge in the delight of gold. Young girls, hanker for silver or aluminium-made Pyjeb to embellish their feet. Their necks are adorned with sleek silver or golden chain, bearing often, attractive pendant or locket. Semi-precious or today's imitation jewellery are quite popular among the young generation of girls.

The children, or the school-going group of Madhya Pradesh, have uniforms, very similar to the student's costume of other states. Boys visit school in short-pants and shirts; whereas, girls, cover themselves in ghaghri, a kind of Indian skirt, or in Western frock.

It is definite that a costume is incomplete without shoes, which are a necessity and no more a luxury. The villagers of Madhya Pradesh wear raw-leather shoes, made by the village-cobbler. These shoes are tough and lasting in order to endure the immense toil of he primarily agricultural rustic people of Madhya Pradesh.

Tattoo painting is an important constituent of the costume-pattern of Madhya Pradesh. In tribal-crowded zones like Bhil tribe, Bhilala tribe, Banjara tribe, Meghwal tribe, Charan tribe, Kahar tribe and Kumhar tribe, who are by profession potter, engage in a lot of captivating tattooing. Particularly, the women of these tribal sects prefer drawing on their arms tattoos of flower, self-name or picture of a god, an ox, i.e. subjects from the wide range of the flora and the fauna encircling them.

To conclude, one must praise the intermingling of tribal as well as non-tribal cultures in Madhya Pradesh, which has given the costumes of this region, an element of ethnicity and discreteness, fundamental to the social system of Madhya Pradesh.

(Last Updated on : 02/07/2011)
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Costumes of Madhyapradesh - Informative & researched article on Costumes of Madhyapradesh
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