Regional Sweets of India - Informative & researched article on Regional Sweets of India
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Regional Sweets of India
Regional sweets of India are immensely popular throughout the nation and are made in several techniques.
 Regional Sweets of IndiaRegional sweets of India belong to innumerable categories, and vary according to the Indian states, towns and districts. Numerous portions of Northern Indian, Western India, Southern India, Central India and Eastern India are renowned for their indigenous sweets and sweet dishes. Indians are said to possess a sweet tooth and they cannot be blamed, as many regions of India manufacture delectable sweets which are utilized as `desserts`. Regional sweets of India are available in manifold shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. Ingredients like milk, milk products like `ghee`, cottage cheese and others, rice, flour, legumes, dry fruits and many others are used to prepare Indian sweets.

Sweets of Northern India
The states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi and Haryana are famed for their delicious sweets and sweet dishes. Jammu and Kashmir`s `Puga`, `Jammu Chocolate`, `Kashmiri Sweet Pulao`, `Suji Halwa`, `Modur Polav`, etc., Himachal Pradesh`s `Gulab Jamun`, `Kashmiri Laddoo`, Punjab`s `Doodhi ka Halwa`, `Kaju Barfi`, `Angoori Rabdi`, etc., Uttar Pradesh`s `Gujia`, `Jalebi`, `Peda`, `Gajar ka Halwa`, `Baalu Shahi`, and others, Haryana`s `Malpua`, `Kheer`, etc., are a few of the many famous sweets of Northern India. Other sweets include `Imarti`, `Kalakand`, `Kulfi`, `Motichoor Laddoo` and `Ras Malai`.

Regional Sweets of India Sweets of Southern India
Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala are renowned for their tasty desserts and sweet dishes. `Pootharekulu`, `Boondi Laddoo`, `Chakodi` and other sweets of Andhra Pradesh, `Coconut Barfi` of Tamil Nadu, `Ginnu`, `Obattu`, `Badushah`, `Karadantu`, etc., of Karnataka and `payasam` of Kerala are favoured in these parts of the nation. Other sweets manufactured here are `Adhisaram`, `Ariselu`, `Mysore Pak`, `Kashi Halwa`, `Unni Appam`, `Kakinada Khaja`, `Gavvalu`, etc.

Sweets of Western India
Rajasthan`s `Churma`, `Feeni`, `Dilkhushaal`, `Milk Cake`, Gujarat`s `Kansar`, `Basundi`, `Keri no Ras`, `Son Papdi`, `Kaju Katli` and Maharashtra`s `Puran Poli`, `Modak`, `Gulab Jaam`, `Amras`, `Shrikhand`, `Jilbi` and `Laddoo` are some of the favourite sweets of Western India. The other sweets found here are `Shankarpali`, `Kaju Katri`, `Mohan Thal`, `Sweet Potato Halwa`, `Besan Laddoo`, `Doodhpak` and plenty of other delicacies.

Regional Sweets of India Sweets of Eastern India
The East-Indian states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa also manufacture some lovely sweets and sweet dishes. `Rasgulla`, `Mishti Doi`, `Sandesh`, `Chamcham`, `Bonde`, `Kheer`, `Kanchagolla`, `Chhanar Jilipi`, `Golaap Jaam`, `Kheer er Chop`, `Mihidana`, `Patishapta`, `Sita Bhog` and of West Bengal, `Arisha Pitha`, `Bada Kanti`, `Bhaga Pitha`, `Bundia`, `Chandrakanti`, `Chhena Malpua`, `Kheersagar`, `Sarapuli` and other sweets of Orissa, `Khaja`, `Tilkut`, `Thekua`, `Rabri`, `Murki`, `Belgrami` `Parwal ki Mithai`, etc. of Bihar are the different sweets made here. Other popular sweets include `Chhena Gaja`, `Chhena Payesh`, `Komolabhog`, `Ledikeni`, `Lyangcha`, `Narkeler Naru`, `Pranohara`, `Rajbhog`, `Rasmalai`, `Shor Bhaja` and others.

Sweets of Central India
Central India`s sweets involve the sweets of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Sweets like `Malpua`, `Khoprapak`, `Shreekhand`, `Kaju Barfi`, etc.

Sweets form a significant traditional food and are important foodstuffs which are mandatory for several regional festivals and other social occasions in the country. Numerous regional sweets of India are in high demand among the local people and are also exported to some foreign countries.

(Last Updated on : 02/08/2013)
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Regional Sweets of India - Informative & researched article on Regional Sweets of India
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