Lord Vinayagar Mantram, Mantra of Lord Ganesha - Informative & researched article on Lord Vinayagar Mantram, Mantra of Lord Ganesha
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Lord Vinayagar Mantram, Mantra of Lord Ganesha
Lord Vinayagar Mantram is one of the most important stotras and is recited by the devotees in order to invoke Lord Ganesha. Vinayagar is one of the names of Ganesha.
 Lord Vinayagar Mantram, Mantra of Lord GaneshaLord Vinayagar Mantram, also known as Lord Vinayaka Mantra, is a well known devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Ganesha. All the mantras of Lord Ganesha are Siddhi mantras and each of the verses comprises of specific blessings of the Lord. Lord Vinayagar is one of the names of Ganesha which is widely used in South India. The devotees recite the religious hymn in order to invoke Ganesha and the Lord Vinayagar Mantram is one of the most important stotras. When the mantra is chanted with sincere devotion by the worshipper, then he will be blessed with victory, prudence and wealth. Moreover, the recitation of the Lord Vinayaka Mantra will remove all obstacles and the evil influences.

A devotee should have a bath or wash the limbs before chanting the Lord Vinayagar Mantram. It is also suggested to perform atleast three Pranayama before adoring the deity.

The Lord Vinayagar Mantram can be recited as follows-
Shri Mahaganapatim Bhajeham Shivatmajam Sanmukhagrajam
Shrta Ganasevitam Vighna Nashakam Shigra Vara Prasada Dayakam
Sadayam Kapila Muni Varadayakam Guru Seva Shaktam Herambam
Jnana Mudralankrtam Muladhara Nivasinam
Gajaranya Vasinam Jyotirmayam Upanisad Saram Panca
Bhutatmakam Sindhura Priyam Pancamatanga Mukham
Kamesha Nayana Hladakam Nagalinga Vara Putram
Shri Vidya Cit-Prabhananda Raja Yogindram Sannutam

There are four stages in the recitation of the Vinayagar Mantram, these are Pallavi, Anu Pallavi, Madhyamakalam and Charanam. In the first stage, flowers and sacred leaves are offered to the Lord. While performing Anu Pallavi, the process of offering flowers is repeated. Madhyamakalam is the chanting of hymn between the prayers and Charanam refers to the offering of prayers at the feet of Lord Ganesha.

The devotional hymn is a prayer to the Maha Ganapati who is the son of lord Shiva. By reciting the mantra the devotee prays to the deity who bestows boon and removes obstacles. The mantra mentions that the great sage Kapila always adores and prays to the elephant-faced god. Lord Ganesha is the inhabitant of the Muladhara chakra of life and listens to all the prayers of His devotees. Thus the worshipper prays to the one who knows the Upanishads, the one who is Panch Matanga Mukham (five-faced elephant), the one who adores vermillion and who comprises of the Pancha Mahabhuta (5 elements of life). The mantra describes Lord Ganesha with extraordinarily attractive and beautiful eyes. The deity has the knowledge of sciences and is the master of yoga. The devotee bows to the elephant god and worships Him by the recitation of the Lord Vinayagar Mantram.

(Last Updated on : 07/01/2013)
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Lord Vinayagar Mantram, Mantra of Lord Ganesha - Informative & researched article on Lord Vinayagar Mantram, Mantra of Lord Ganesha
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