FIR, TV Serial - Informative & researched article on FIR, TV Serial
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FIR, TV Serial
FIR is a hilarious comedy series; aired on prime time of the SAB channel was very much popular. It is an ongoing serial that was first aired on July 31, 2006.
 FIR, TV SerialFIR is set the example of innovative comedies. It is not at all a family drama. This is the story of a Haryanbi Lady Police inspector with her constables. Everyday they are filing a case and how they are going to be solve it, is the story of the serial. Kavita Kausik aka Chandramukhi Chautala. Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala in the serial FIR has been successful in striking a chord with the audience. Audience liked this serial very much; hence we now have a second season.

Plot of FIR
The story of FIR revolves around five police personnel named as Iman Chowki and show the daily events that are farcical and comical in nature. The main idea of the show is funny and unorthodox and the unusual methods that are used by the characters to solve a case every day. Out of all the characters three appear in every show. They are Chandramukhi Chautala, a lady sub-inspector, and two constables, Mulayam Singh Gulgule and Gopinath Gandotra. The fourth character is a famous character known as Bajrang Pandey who is also a police inspector and happens to be the boss of the lady sub inspector. He surfaces in some of the episodes. But the actors have changed as the show has progressed over the years. There is another character named Koki who is actually slim and quote small rhyming couplet and then disappear.

The central of the plot is the character of Chandramukhi Chautala. She is well built, young, educated and well informed. She speaks in Haryanvi accent with a regional dialect of Hindi language. She is good with her job and never fails to solve a case. She bosses over her juniors and also over her boss.

The second most important character of the show is Mulayam Singh Gulgule, who is a middle aged man, and gives ideas to Chandramukhi to solve a case. He always praises his superior and says that the idea given by him is actually not his but her own. Yet she keeps on slapping him hard on the slightest mistake but he never protests. He speaks and acts in a comical way. He is a fat person and a foodie.

Gopinath Gandotra happens to be an aged constable who speaks in Punjabi accent and spends much of the time reading newspaper and trying to speak in very bad English. He is not much involved with solving any case. Chandramukhi calls him Uncle and makes fun of him but rarely slaps him.

Koki is a young girl, who has a very minor role. The most senior inspector in the serial is of Bajrang Pandey. He is young and energetic and afraid of marriage. Once a soothsayer prophesied that he would die the moment he marries a girl. The lady sub-inspector wants to marry him and plays slightly amorous tricks with him but he never pays any heed to her.

The inspector was transferred to another police station after a few seasons and there was a new replacement of the earlier inspector.

This serial is a popular one and has been going on for six years now. It is comic and hilarious. It offers a good doze of fun and laughter to the audience after hard days work.

(Last Updated on : 23/08/2011)
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FIR, TV Serial - Informative & researched article on FIR, TV Serial
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