Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis - Informative & researched article on Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis
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Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis
Alternative medicines such as homeopathy, acupuncture and nature care have proved beneficial for the treatment of lumbar spondylosis.
 Treatment of Lumbar SpondylosisThe onset of the lumbar spondylosis is very slow and gradual. This disorder of the low back region of the body particularly generates no symptom. Thus, this complaint is hard to diagnose and provide effective treatment. However, spondylosis may lead to disabling hurtful pain, limited motion, and partial paralysis in affected areas of the body. If neglected for a longer period of time, it can become a severe problem and should be treated as soon as possible. Proper diagnosis leads to effective treatment of lumbar spondylosis. Lumbar Spondylosis can be treated through Ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathy, yoga as well as meditation.

Treatment through Conventional Method
The most common treatment of lumbar spondylosis is by conventional method. Intake of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can help in rectifying the ailment of spondylosis. Moreover, different surgical procedures are also employed to put right the difficulty of low back pain. Spinal deformity is removed through several methods including spinal decompression, instrumentation and bony fusion. Surgical decompression of the affected nerves is done to provide relief from leg pain and paralysis. However, these conservative ways are regarded to prevent the lumbar spondylosis for a short period of time. After undergoing these treatments and even after surgery, temporary relief of back pain is received. The patient is again seen to develop aching thigh and leg pains along with severe back pain, which restrict mobility of the individual. In addition to that, braces are also seen to provide relief to the patients. Post-operatively patient is given brace and gentle mobilization.

Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment through Alternative Systems
Treatment of lumbar spondylosis can be through other alternative systems such as physical modalities and also modifications. Alternative therapies such as chiropractic and acupuncture can be used to reduce pain. Physiotherapy also provides support to the degenerative spinal condition. As degenerative lumbar spine produce back pain and lumbar canal it contains the nerves and blood vessels. Stenosis produces thigh and leg pain due to venous stasis in the spine causing congestion of the nerve roots. The degenerative spinal level and posterior lumbar inter body fusion (PLIF), posterolateral inter transverse fusion with autologous bone graft provides good fusion.

Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment through Homeopathy and Yoga Asanas
Homeopathy has played an essential role in curing this musculoskeletal problem. Yoga is another essential means for the treatment of lumbar spondylosis. Yogic therapy reduces the lumbar spondylosis. When the lumbar spondylosis results in sciatica pain, the North Pole of the magnet should be applied to the most painful spot in the lumbar region and the South Pole to the terminal point of the pain. South Pole oil should also be used.

Treatment of lumbar spondylosis by yoga asanas also proves to be remedial measures. However, the asanas such as forward bending asanas should be avoided. The backward bending postures give quick relief. Asanas with backward bending like Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana, Supta Vajrasana, Gomukhasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Ushtrasana, Matsyasana and Chakrasana are helpful in this disease. Furthermore, long and deep inhalation and exhalation can be practised when the pain reduces. Surya Namaskarais another method of reducing the pain and curing lumbar spondylosis. Acupuncture/Acupressure is another alternative source of medication that treats the pain. The energy force or Chi is enlivened by Acupuncture. Acupuncture needles cause the body to release certain neurochemicals, such as endorphins or serotonin, and they help in the healing process.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian holistic medical science that deals with body, mind and soul in health and disease. It is based on the principles of Panch-Mahabhoota that includes space, air, fire, water and earth and Tri-Dosha that is the three biological humors- Vata, Pitta and Kapha theories. Through these aspects, Ayurveda prevents and cures diseases. Nadi shodhana and Ujjayi pranayama accompanied with exercises of back and waist described in Sukshma Vyayama can yield special benefit.

Treatment through Naturopathy
Treatment of lumbar spondylosis through naturopathy has provided beneficial result. In nature cure treatments, fomentation with Hot and Cold or Infra Red Lamp on the painful region gives advantage. Applying of Wet pack after giving local steam to the painful region also gives immediate relief. Hot and Cold Hip Bath, Steam Bath and Immersion bath are its specific treatment. Certain dietary changes such as fast therapy or juice therapy can also be helpful for this disorder. Other means of curing lumbar spondylosis includes use of thin mattress on hard bed is advised instead of using very thick mattress. Constant sitting for a longer period should be prevented in this disease. The back should be kept erect while sitting in a chair to avoid the disease to recur. Lumbar spondylosis can be treated with herbal remedies and supplements. As herbs are natural they offer relief to the affected area of the body.

(Last Updated on : 30/09/2014)
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Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis - Informative & researched article on Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis
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