Indian Saints - Informative & researched article on Indian Saints
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Indian Saints
Indian Saints have again and again revived spirituality in the subcontinent.
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 From times immemorial Indian has been the seat of several religions. Time and again numerous Indian saints took up the responsibility of popularising the postulates of various sects. The most ancient form of religion that still exists in India is Hinduism. Alongwith it Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Jewish and other religions also thrive in India. In fact saints or gurus in India are considered to be the manifestations of God.

Shakaracharya Indian spiritual gurus have set themselves as role models for the masses to follow. Whether it was Ramakrishna, Shakaracharya or Khwaja Muinud-din Chishti, all of them have guided their followers to achieve peace of mind through spirituality. Indian saints have adopted simple measures to explain the religious philosophies. Most of them adopted the method of telling tales to educate the masses. Religion is a way of life in India and the religious leaders acted as true gurus or teachers when they taught their disciples how to follow the right path even while looking after their families. Some of the Indian saints, however, propagated renunciation of the worldly affairs to achieve salvation.

Besides the religion several Indian saints have worked for social reformation. Through education they have spread awareness and, thus, helped the masses to unchain themselves from several social evils, such as untouchability, superstition, discrimination and others. Along with these the Indian saints have also been instrumental in upholding Indian culture and its glorious past.

(Last Updated on : 27/01/2009)
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Indian Saints - Informative & researched article on Indian Saints
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