Radio VeRVe, Indian Internet Radio Channel - Informative & researched article on Radio VeRVe, Indian Internet Radio Channel
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Radio VeRVe, Indian Internet Radio Channel
RadioVeRVe, an internet radio station, it operates out of Bangalore since June 1, 2006.
 Radio VeRVe, Indian Internet Radio ChannelRadioVeRVe is an internet radio station operating out of Bangalore, India. It differentiates itself from other FM and internet radio stations by focusing exclusively on independent music from India. The strange capitalization of the name in RadioVeRVe is intentional and part of the station's "branding".

RadioVeRVe addresses the universal problems that independent artistes face all over the world and since the mainstream radio does not play their music, thus their reach is limited. The RadioVeRVe team decided to gather their talents together and create a unique venture, that later produced India's first Internet radio station that was dedicated wholly to independent Indian music. RadioVeRVe was launched on June 1, 2006 as a platform to showcase rock music performed by unpublished bands in India. RadioVeRVe aimed at promoting these upcoming musical bands through interviews and news publicity. Eventually, RadioVeRVe widened its musical scope to rock, heavy metal, easy listening, regional language and Indian classical music.

RadioVeRVe has received positive reviews from both the press as well as the music industry in India, and thus caters to thousands of listeners across the world throughout a day. The credit of the popularity of RadioVeRVe is probably their being responsible for their reaching audiences perfectly, and getting record label offers, shows and even later international tours. RadioVeRVe artistes or bands need to be independent Indian bands or musicians who create exquisite and original music with no compulsory formal association to record labels. The artistes should be India based and should avoid commercial conflicts to be scheduled on RadioVeRVe.

The shows of RadioVeRVe are conducted by the Rj's. However, some hours are reserved by the "Randomizer", where music is played at random pace from the huge database of songs available. As songs are played, the information is displayed about the performer on the website, including the links to their websites and other contact information, thus allowing the listeners to take up contact with the artists for the purchase of their CDs, booking them for shows, recording contracts and so on.

The infrastructure of RadioVeRVe has been completely based on open source software. This station actually started as an experiment called "Infinity Radio" in late 2005, with a broadcast programme of about two hours of content every weekday night and the crew RJ'd live over the net. This schedule was found to be a restrictive factor, as only only few people could hear the station and technological problems created obstacles. In June 2006, RadioVeRVe launched as a 24x7 channel, adopting its present name. From 10 listeners, the audience of this station went up to hundreds overnight as the operation eventually moved to a round-the-clock mode. In early 2007, RadioVeRVe received a big boost by achieving sponsorship from Indian IT firm Geodesic Information Systems.

RadioVeRVe later took a conscious decision not to offer music downloads, and in early 2007 started to establish partnerships with existing retail outlets that offer independent music, such as Music Yogi, that allowed listeners to buy the music they were hearing. In June 2007, RadioVeRVe extended to seven channels, thus showcasing rock as well as regional language and non-rock music.

The associated channels of RadioVeRVe are as follows -
  • RadioVeRVe - the main channel that features mixed content.
  • Metal - Heavy metal music
  • Classical - Indian Classical Music
  • Rock - Rock music
  • Konkani - Konkani Language Music
  • Gospel - Gospel Music
  • Easy - Easy Listening Music

  • RadioVeRVe is improving with its programming details and has announced that they will be adding more regional language channels, as well as a folk music channel. The channels of RadioVeRVe can be listened to both on the web (via the RadioVeRVe website) as well as through customary streaming using Internet radio client applications and devices.

    RadioVeRVe streams are available in low-bandwidth that is suitable for use on mobile GPRS connections as well as high-bandwidth, which is suitable for Wi-Fi or broadband connections. Currently, RadioVeRVe streams only are in the MP3 format.

    (Last Updated on : 05/02/2014)
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    Radio VeRVe, Indian Internet Radio Channel - Informative & researched article on Radio VeRVe, Indian Internet Radio Channel
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