Dhruva, Polar Star - Informative & researched article on Dhruva, Polar Star
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Dhruva, Polar Star
Dhruva is the name of a polar star.
 Dhruva is the name of a polar star. Dhruva is the pivot of the atmosphere and the seven great planets rests on it the clouds depend. The rains are suspended in the clouds and fall for the support of created beings. As per the Vishnu Purana, the nail of great toe of Vishnu's left foot is the source of river Ganga. Dhruva receives her and sustains her day and night devoutly on his head.

As Dhruva revolves it causes the moon, sun and stars to turn round also. The lunar asterisms follow in its circular path for all the celestial luminaries are bound to the polar star by aerial cords. The rain is evolved by the sun and the sun is sustained by Dhruva. Again, Dhruva is supported by the celestial porpoise-shaped sphere, which is one with Narayana.

Dhruva, Polar StarDhruva was the son of Uttanapada and Suniti. Uttama was the half brother of Dhruva by his favourite wife Suruchi. One day, Uttama was sitting in the lap of his father as he was seated on his throne. Dhruva also desired to sit on the lap of his father but he was denied by Suruchi. Dhruva became very angry on that and went to the apartment of his own mother, who took him on her lap and asked what had displeased him.

Suniti was also distressed by knowing the narrative of the boy. She said to Dhruva that Suruchi has rightly spoken as he has born with an unhappy fate. She said that those who are born to fortune are not liable to the insults of their rivals. She told Dhruva that the king favours Suruchi as it is the reward of her merits in a former existence. It is not proper of Dhruva to grieve. A wise man should be contented with that degree which is given to him. So, she advised Dhruva to be amiable, be pious, be friendly and be assiduous in benevolence to all living creatures.

But, Dhruva was not satisfied with his mother's answer. Dhruva told his mother that the words spoken by her cannot consulate his broken heart. He promised to his mother to attain that elevated rank for which he will be respected by the whole world. Dhruva then went forth from his mother's dwelling and applied to seven Munis, whom he found sitting in an adjoining grove. Dhruva devoted himself entirely to the service of Vishnu by their advice.

Dhruva concentrated his whole mind on this one object. He commenced a course of religious austerities and resisted all the attempts made to change his purpose. Dhruva was finally elevated by Lord Vishnu to the skies as the pole star.

(Last Updated on : 23/09/2009)
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Dhruva, Polar Star - Informative & researched article on Dhruva, Polar Star
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