Namdev, Indian Saint - Informative & researched article on Namdev, Indian Saint
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Namdev, Indian Saint
Namdev`s bhajanas and short poems were filled with the nectar of Bhakti and love towards God.
 Namdev, Indian SaintBorn in the year 1270 in a low caste tailor family in Maharashtra, Namdev was well famous as a medieval saint. Namdev uttered the word, `Wittala`, when he was merely two years old and since then, he was very busy in pronouncing the name till the end of his life. Namdev always enjoyed visiting temples during his childhood and his affection with God became so intense that he started spending the most part of the day in singing and dancing, at the age of seven.

There is a popular belief that one day, when Namdev placed the plate of eatables before Vithoba, Vithoba took a human form and accepted the offerings gratefully. Namdev met the great saint, Gyanadev, at Pandharpur at the age of only 20 years and they never separated with each other till death, since then. Namdev did write a large number of bhajanas, including short poems and the bhajanas and short poems were filled with the nectar of Bhakti and love towards God. The songs are really wonderful and extremely good and Namdev did visit almost all the holy places of India, during his lifetime. He died in the year of 1350.

(Last Updated on : 02/02/2011)
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Namdev, Indian Saint - Informative & researched article on Namdev, Indian Saint
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