Laleshwari, Indian Saint - Informative & researched article on Laleshwari, Indian Saint
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Laleshwari, Indian Saint
She said Lord Shiva is omnipresent and never distinguished between a Hindu and a Muslim.
 Laleshwari, Indian SaintLaleshwari was a great mystic Shiva devotee, who was born in the year of 1335 at the village of Pandraetha in Kashmir. Her family got her married to a Pandit boy at a very young age of only twelve years and she later attained spiritual knowledge and became famous among the people of both the Hindu and Muslim communities. The Hindu people loved to call her as Laleshwari and the Muslims named her as La Asifa.

Laleshwari brought up according to a much traditional and usual lifestyle to the common people of that time. Her family and the surrounding people always ill-treated and ill-fed her and there was none who could be able to identify the divine sparks in her. However, in spite of that much negligence and ignorance, she possessed all the virtue like self-denial, patience and self-discipline in her. She slowly and steadily resorted to the secret spiritual practices like deep sadhana and yoga in seclusion, even against all odds.

It was this untiring practice that transformed her into a yogini of the highest order and that also helped her to attain the spiritual knowledge. She studied the ancient Indian philosophies throughout her entire life and she later founded her own ideology and thoughts. According to Laleshwari, Lord Shiva is omnipresent and she never distinguished between a Hindu and a Muslim. Laleshwari has written a lot of poems during her lifetime to spread her thoughts and message to the common people and all those poems recount her spiritual experiences that are full of idioms and proverbs. The enigmatic, short and divine utterances of Laleshwari are still continuing to encourage scholarly discussion and resolve the social Problems. Laleshwari passed away in the year of 1390.

(Last Updated on : 20/10/2014)
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Laleshwari, Indian Saint - Informative & researched article on Laleshwari, Indian Saint
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