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Hindu Wedding Decorations, Indian Wedding
Hindu Wedding Decorations have gained maximum importance amidst all the other traditions related with Indian weddings. Hindu wedding decorations are of various types.
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 Hindu Wedding Decorations, Indian WeddingHindu wedding decorations are one of the most important aspects of the entire celebrations of the special wedding day. Hindu wedding decorations basically comprise diverse types of substances that are used in a subtle and elaborate manner for creating a magnificent effect. The wedding decorations also put in a touch of grace and elegance to the ceremony itself, thus overall making it a more glamorous event.

Types of Hindu Wedding Decorations
Diverse types of decorations are used at Hindu weddings. The family members leave no scope and make the special wedding day outstanding with lavish decorations. Major aspects of Hindu wedding decorations consist of Mandap Decorations, Engagement Decorations, Mehndi Decorations, Sangeet Decorations, Sagan Decorations, Wedding Stage Decorations and lastly the Car Decorations. All these types of wedding decorations are categorised as per the ceremonies and their requirements. Just like the types of Hindu wedding decorations the materials used in those decorations are also wide and diverse. It varies from real flowers, artificial flowers to various artistic decorative materials. Various kinds of lighting effects are also used to make the place look more attractive.

It is very significant that the Hindu wedding decorations used should be fitting the occasion or the wedding ceremony. Nowadays, various popular themes are also used for adding more charm and splendour to the entire event. People who like the western themes are trying out new innovative ideas about the grand decoration in the Indian weddings. Today, designer styles and themes have also been adopted. Wedding decorations are given maximum importance amidst all the other traditions associated with weddings; it has gained importance because of its grandeur, outlook, and religious gestures and so on. Some of the essential decorations of Indian Hindu weddings are as follows -

Mandap Decorations
According to Hindu traditions, wedding should take place in an open ground. Thus, it requires the construction of a mandap or a canopy on an open ground. The size, design and shape of the mandap depend on the choice of the hosts. Today, mandap decorations have become a key factor of Indian wedding ceremonies. The wedding stage decorations are usually carried out in a traditional or cultural style and applications. Today, one can take the help of designer agencies about the various designs that complete the wedding stage decorations.

Hindu Wedding Decorations, Indian Wedding Engagement Decoration
Engagement is an essential pre-wedding ceremony as it symbolises the beginning of a new relationship. The relationship is not only between two individuals but also between two families. The ambience of the engagement ceremony is set with the help of assorted types of decorations with contrasting colours. However, the vital rituals differ as per the religion and traditions of the either parties. Further, the engagement ceremony decorations also depend on the budget and theme chosen by the parties. The most widespread sight in an engagement decoration is the traditional use of big and bright flowers and artefacts.

Mehendi Decorations
Mehendi decorations have gained much popularity after this ritual has become one of the most predominant ones. It is one of the important ceremonies. Mehendi decorations vary from one region to another. Mehendi decorations are done with delicate extravagance because of the cheerfulness and happiness associated with it. Mehendi is said to be an ancient body art, which is done to create sophisticated and contemporary designs and some outstanding patterns on various parts of the body. Traditionally, Mehendi was applied on the hands and feet of Indian bride.

Sagan Decorations
Sagan Decorations can be held either at the groom's house or at a banquet hall. A pundit performs a Havan. Thereafter, the would-be bride's father then applies tilak. The tilak paste is made of ingredients like ricegrains, kesar, and flower petals and then applied on the groom's forehead. All the relatives and friends of the bride's side come with presents and bless the groom.

Sangeet Decorations
Sangeet decorations in weddings are basically based on personal tastes. One should also consider the budget before planning the designs. Generally, traditional styles of decorations are preferred for wedding decorations.

Wedding Stage Decorations
The actual wedding ceremony and ritual occurs on the wedding stage, thus it is utterly important to decorate the stage properly. The families of the bride and groom take active participation in the stage decoration process. The chairs for the bride and groom are generally designed in a royal pattern to enhance the appearance of the special couple. Various types of flowers are used to design the background of the stage, which complement the theme of the wedding. The stage is also decorated with beautiful and shiny drapes and various types of designer kalash are placed in the stage. The wedding stage enhances the general appeal of the event.

Car Decorations
Last but not the least car decorations also hold special significance and are given equal importance. Various types of flowers are used for decorating the groom's car. Those flowers are selected that compliment the colour of the car.

Hindu wedding decorations are done in a special way in order to make the wedding ceremony memorable for times to come.

(Last Updated on : 31/12/2013)
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Hindu Wedding Decorations, Indian Wedding - Informative & researched article on Hindu Wedding Decorations, Indian Wedding
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