Yellow Sapphire, Gemstone of Jupiter - Informative & researched article on Yellow Sapphire, Gemstone of Jupiter
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Yellow Sapphire, Gemstone of Jupiter
Yellow Sapphire is worn by people who fall under zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces.
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 Yellow Sapphire, Gemstone of JupiterYellow sapphire is a mineral. After examining chemically it is proved that aluminium, hydrovisil and florin are present in it. It is found in the Himalayas, Sri Lanka and Russia. It is hefty, smooth, crystalline, and available in many colours - white, light and dark yellow and light orange. A benefit of Yellow Sapphire is immense. Jupiter is the largest and heaviest planet in the solar system and the teacher (Guru) of Gods. Jupiter is the minister among the congregation of nine planets. Jupiter is a 'sattvik' and benefiting planet, signifying providence and fortune. Jupiter is yellow in colour. Thursday is its day and northeast is its direction. The gemstone related to Jupiter is yellow sapphire, most advantageous to natives of Sagittarius and Pisces signs of zodiac.

Yellow Sapphire is regarded the best of gems in the same way as Brihaspati is the teacher of Divinities. Brihaspati Var (Jupiter) symbolizes astuteness, religion in everyday life. The wearer of yellow sapphire receives understanding of law, morality, and sense of humour, perception, pleasure of having children, materialistic contentment, para-physical bliss, physical prowess, ingenuity, long life, sound health, food grains, opulence, splendour and mental peace. It is the most beneficial to the authors, writers, barristers, traders and businessmen.

Girls in the family, who have reached marriageable age, should wear yellow sapphire, because it eliminates hindrance in the way of marriage. However, a spouse (husband or wife) should wear for a contented marital life. It helps to placate the wrath of its wearer by providing sharp-sightedness. It strengthens the bond of companionship. It illustrates its influence by removing the risk of death by mishap.

A ring worn in this manner ushers good luck, harmony and opulence. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) confers dynamism, life force, wise ness, longevity, name and fame. If someone is facing troubles in finding a soul mate for his daughter, that problem is also solved.

One who wears Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) advances in the spiritual field and becomes liberated from all dreads of evil vibrations, spectres and genii.

It is also a well-acknowledged concept that it is useful to patients suffering from fever, cough, rheumatism and Anaesthesia, mouth's stinking smell, and kidney sickness.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire
Rings made of yellow sapphire should weigh at least 3 Ratti (360 mg). Its effect grows with its weight.

It should be embedded in gold or five metals (Panch Dhatu). It should be worn in the 1st finger, on a Thursday morning at dawn after worshipping the Banana Tree and chanting "Om Gum Guruve Namah". After this, the wearer should donate gram pulse, yellow flower, cloth and money to a Brahmin. In order to make the position of Jupiter prosperous and to get the best advantage from yellow sapphire, the wearer should feed a horse with gram pulse on Thursdays.

Yellow Sapphire keeps on influencing the wearer for 4 years, 3 month and 18 days. It should be worn by natives of the Sagittarius sign of zodiac and whose names begin with yae, yo, bha, bhi, bhu, dha, pha, udha, bhay and the Pisces sign of zodiac, and whose names begin with- Dee, Du, gha, jha, gyan, day, do cha, chee.

People who are born on date 3, 12, 21, and 30 of any month or in the period between 15th March to 13th April and between16th December to 14th January can also wear yellow sapphire. An individual whose lucky number is 3 and whose Jupiter is in the weakening or distressed, can also wear yellow sapphire.

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(Last Updated on : 03/02/2015)
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Yellow Sapphire, Gemstone of Jupiter - Informative & researched article on Yellow Sapphire, Gemstone of Jupiter
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