Triangles, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Triangles, Palmistry
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Triangles, Palmistry
Triangles in Palmistry are considered as important signs found on the palm of an individual. Triangles can be of various sizes as found on the hands.
 Triangles, PalmistryTriangles found on the palm of an individual are considered as imperative signs in the science of Palmistry and is analysed with sufficient importance. If three separate lines come from three different directions and join in the palm, a triangle is formed. These triangles can be formed in different places of the palm, which indicate different traits of the individual. Triangles which are formed by flawless, clear and deep lines are considered empathetic. The size of the triangle is directly related with progress and excellent fortune.

Triangle on the mid area of the palm
The triangle when appears on the mid area of the palm, then it implies that the individual has immense luck, is considered religious and progressive. His mental and physical activities are devout; such a person is composed and sociable and is respected in the society. As per professional palmists, the triangle indicates that the person is generous and humble. If the triangle appears on the mount of Venus, then the individual is found to be friendly, simple, emotional, decent and possesses high moral values

If the triangle is errant or defective, then the individual is impious and promiscuous. People with such triangle in their palms are frequently involved in illicit relationships. If there is a triangle on the mount of Mars then the person tends to have fighting and rebellious nature and exhibits courage and patience in combats.

Most of the times, it is found that such persons are awarded with national honours. However if the triangle on the Mount of the Mars appears flawed, then the person is supposed to be predominantly mean, malicious and coward.

If a person has a flawless triangle on Mount of Dragon's Head then he surely achieves considerable success in his youth. He can also get success in politics. But it is considered unlucky, if there are two connected triangles on the mount of Dragon's Head.

Triangle on Mount of Pluto
If there is a nice triangle on the Mount of Pluto then that person's old age is spent joyfully but if there are two joined triangles then he faces problems in his old age. If there is a perfect triangle on the Mount of Jupiter, then it indicates that such a person is shrewd, diplomatic and selfish, contrary to it if the triangle is faulty then the person is proud and egocentric.

An ideal triangle on the Mount of Saturn implies that the person is an expert on the art of exorcism. If the triangle is flawed, then the person tends to be fraud and most unreliable. Being highly undependable, such persons are not always socially accountable.

Triangle on Mount of Sun
Sometimes there is a triangle on the mount of Sun then the person is very religious and supports others. If the triangle is damaged, he is criticised by the society. He does not achieve success in life and there are obstacles in his life. If there is a triangle in the region of the Mars there are chances that that person might receive success in the field of science.

Triangle on Human Body
Palmistry further sates that individuals with triangle on hand achieve huge success in business. A triangle on the life line signifies long life. A triangle on Head line shows that the person is intelligent and will flourish in the field of education. If a person has a triangle on the Heart line then it indicates very decent health of that person.

A triangle appears on the line of Apollo or Sun then indicates that the person will get international fame. The person who has a triangle on the Fate line is always considered inauspicious. Further, if there is a triangle on the marriage line then there are many hindrances in his marital life. If a person has a triangle on the line of Moon, then he gets numerous opportunities to travel abroad and achieves success.

If the life line forms a triangle with the Head line then it is considered fortunate. If the Health line forms a triangle with the Head line then the person is found to be very intellectual. If a triangle is formed by the Health line and Life line, it helps in raising the person to a great height. If there is a projecting triangle in the palm of a person then it is found that he is argumentative by nature.

If the lines of a triangle are protruding, strong and wide then the individual looks after the welfare of others. If the lines of the triangle are quite wide then he is sure to be privileged. If there are flat triangles in both the hands of a person then his life is quite insignificant. If the lines of the triangle are deep and thin then he certainly gets success in his life. If the lines of the triangle are faded and broken then the person appears to be very materialistic. If the assisting lines proceed upwards from the triangle then the person gets success after many hindrances. If the side of the triangle is wide, then the person is found to be lethargic.

Palmists also believe that if health line is important and the triangle is also big then it indicates that the individual will have a long life. If there is a cross in middle of the triangle and a star near the Health line then the person might become lose his sight in future. If there is a sign of star inside the triangle then the person becomes infamous and earns a bad reputation in relationships. If there is a circle inside the triangle then the person will be cheated and deceived in future. A prominent, strong and big triangle is considered very favourable, according to the palmists, for the rise of an individual from all points of views.

The triangle on the palm denotes the nature of the individual and also determines the future of the individual. Hence, the palmists conduct a careful study and research of the triangles.

(Last Updated on : 21/03/2014)
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Triangles, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Triangles, Palmistry
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