Cross Signs, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Cross Signs, Palmistry
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Cross Signs, Palmistry
Cross Signs are found on the palm of an individual. Palmists considered the crosses, an important part while making a methodical study of the palm of an individual.
 Cross Signs , PalmistryCross Signs are considered an important part while making a methodical study of the palm of an individual. A cross is formed when a vertical line meets a horizontal line forming a 'plus' or and "into" sign. This sign is considered auspicious only on the mount of Jupiter, according to the study of palmistry. Otherwise a cross never provides favorable result or rather makes the person unlucky it appears on a wrong position.

However the palmists have provided several facts regarding the crosses found on an individual's hand. If there is a cross over the region of Jupiter then the man is found to lead a happy and joyful life. Such people lead a disciplined life and at the same time very wise. They initiate their work after a thorough consideration of the whole thing. Such person, with the sign of cross on the Jupiter is found to have leading a very happy family life. Wife of such people usually is very educated. Moreover such people get a lot of wealth from the in law house.

If there is a cross on the mount of Saturn, then there is a great chance of the individual facing injuries and wounds. Moreover such persons sometime have a premature death. Sometimes the cross is visible on the region of the Sun. According to the palmists such person faces too much ill fame from the society. Such person is never supported by his fate. They are often found to have faced difficulties and obstacles in life.

A cross on the Mercury indicates that the respective individual is a great cheat, imposter and crafty. They exploits others in order to get their works competed. Socially irresponsible, such persons are never to be believed. According to the palmists such people are the perfect opportunists. Sometimes such crosses also points to the mental ailments of the persons. If the cross is found to exist on the region of Hershel then the person is lazy and coward, according to the palmists. Such persons do not have the ability to face his enemies properly and is afraid of his foes. Again a cross on the Dragon's tail indicates that the respective individual had a stressful childhood and he had to pass through utter misery. It also indicates that the individual was also denied the proper education.

If there is a cross on the region of Venus then the person is found to have an unsuccessful love affair. They also get ill fame for it. Such persons have the proneness to engage themselves in notorious jobs. Sometimes cross mark on the mount of Mars indicates that the person must suffer imprisonment. Such a person is quarrelsome and he commits suicide to end his own life. If there is a cross on the Mount of Dragon's Head, the person spends his youth in misery and he suffers from small pox.

If there is a sign of cross on any other mount excepting that of Jupiter, then the mounts indicate opposite results. If there is a cross on the line of traveling then the person dies suddenly while going on a travel. If there is a cross mark on the line of marriage then the person does not get married. Such person also leads an unsuccessful married life. As a result their domestic life becomes miserable after marriage. A sign of cross on the health line is responsible for the ill health of an individual. If there is a mark of cross on the Fate line then the person is obliged to lead a very ordinary life. He is not found to have been supported by fate. A cross mark on the Sun line indicates hindrances in the progress of an individual. Hence in such cases persons are often found to give enough efforts but could not get the better results.

If there is a mark of cross on the Heart line then the person suffers from heart attack. He is also found to remain weak throughout their life. If these is a cross mark on the Head line in palmistry then the person will suffer from mental diseases and may also become insane in the end. If there is a cross mark on the Lifeline in palmistry then the person may suffer misery at a particular age. A black of cross whether small or big, wide or narrow is detrimental.

Thus the palmists mostly considered the sign of cross, detrimental on the person's hand.

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(Last Updated on : 16/06/2012)
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Cross Signs, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Cross Signs, Palmistry
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