Main Entrance Door of Flat, Vastu Shastra - Informative & researched article on Main Entrance Door of Flat, Vastu Shastra
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Main Entrance Door of Flat, Vastu Shastra
Main Entrance Door of Flat is an essential factor of Vastu Shastra. The traditional Indian science discusses the importance of this construction.
 Main Entrance Door of Flat, Vastu ShastraMain Entrance Door of Flat is a significant aspect in any building according to Vastu Shastra as positive of negative energy enters a household through this gateway. Vastu Shastra is the traditional Indian science of construction and architecture. It lays down various rules and principles related to the construction, placement and usage of Main Entrance Door of Flat, which should be followed in order to attain happiness and peace in a household.

Location of Main Door
Vastu Puja may be conducted on an auspicious day for setting up the main door. According to Vastu Shastra, the position of the main door is extremely imperative for happiness and bliss in a household. The building could be divided according to width in 9 equivalent parts to decide the precise location of the main door. The front door should be set from the fourth segment in the right face to the sixth segment in the left face, facing the house. While planning a flat, it is quite essential to give due importance to the main door of the flats. These doors should never be placed in the East, South-East, North, North-West, West, South-West, and the South, South-West directions. However, if one is compelled to build the gate in any of these directions then there are certain rules in Vastu Shastra which will help in avoiding the adverse effects.

Still there is no set rule for the position of the central door. Each of the fundamental directions possess their own effects - East is for better improvements, liberation is resembled in the South, and West and North fetch wealth and prosperity. Though, the north, west and east directions are better recommended by the experts.

The main door should not be built in the corners and the size of the entrance door should be larger in comparison to the other doors in the house. Two external doors should be set in a straight line. The main door may be decorated by holy and auspicious signs and images and idols of gods, particularly Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The entrance door should be avoided from being placed facing any abandoned or demolished property. If there are two external doors in a building, it is recommended to fix them in a straight line. Safety tanks or any underground tanks should not be placed in front of the main door. One-shutter doors may be recommended. The doors here should be built in such a way that they open in the auspicious directions, such as, the East or the North.

The doors in the East, South East should touch the wall in the South. It should open in the North. There should be hinges to the Southern side of the doorframe.

The entrance door in the North, North - West should open in the East. The hinges should to the western side of the door frame.

The entrance door in the West, South - West should open in the East. The hinges can be placed in the Southern side of the door frame.

The main entrance door in the South, South - West should open in the North. Take the hinges in the Western side of the door frame. However, if possible the construction of doors in this side should be avoided. While fixing the direction of the entrance door the total area of the flat should never be taken into account.

Preferably, entrance doors should be in the East, the North, the East, North-East, the South, South-East, and the North, North-East. The main entrance doors in the West or the West, North-West are also auspicious. All these auspicious entrance doors will be more beneficial if they have two shutter doors rather than one shutter. The main entrance door should be located 1 to 2 ft. away from the corner. The thresholds are also a must for the main entrance doors. It is not essential to have thresholds for the doors of the rooms inside the flat and it is not harmful also if the doors are of only one shutter.

Main Entrance Doors of One Shutter
The most favourable place for locating the one shutter doors for the main is in the East - North-East direction. It will also be of great advantage if the door opens in the North. For this the hinges in the door-frame should be at the Southern side.

Main Entrance Doors of Two Shutters
It is not auspicious to have either the one shutter or two shuttered doors in the South direction. If due to inevitable reasons one shutter door has been built in the South, they should open in the North direction. The hinges in the door frame should be in the South - West side of the door.

Another auspicious location for the main entrance door is in the North, North-East direction. The main entrance door can also be placed in the West - North-West direction. The South, South-East direction will also prove quite auspicious for the residents. The door of the next room in the flat will be the direct receiver of the good forces that enter through the main door provided it is located exactly in front the main entrance.

Therefore, it is advantageous to have the door or at least a large window in front of the entrance door. If the main door is located in the wrong direction the wisest thing to do would be to avoid constructing any door in front of it. A wall is the best way of obstructing the evil forces from entering the flat any further.

(Last Updated on : 29/10/2012)
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Main Entrance Door of Flat, Vastu Shastra - Informative & researched article on Main Entrance Door of Flat, Vastu Shastra
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