Crafts of Andhra Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Crafts of Andhra Pradesh
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Crafts of Andhra Pradesh
The crafts of Andhra Pradesh reflect the rich cultural heritage of the state.
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 Crafts of Andhra PradeshThe crafts of Andhra Pradesh are well known for their aesthetic and utilitarian value. The tradition of craft in Andhra Pradesh has been carried on for generations and has become industries in themselves. The handicrafts epitomize the rich cultural heritage of the state.

The Banjara Needle Craft (embroidery) belong to the nomads and wanderers and the embroidery of this form is very rich and flamboyant.

The Bidri Craft originated in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh. It involves silver work on metals, which is intricate. Bidri is engraving with a sharp chisel on a metal base, which can be an alloy of zinc, copper, tin and lead. Silver wires are wrapped on the engraved patterns by hammering. Some of the bidriware items are Hukkah bases, trays, spoon, vases, boxes of various sizes,paper cutters and pencil boxes, ashtrays and buttons

Bronze castings are bronze idols, which are based on verses from the Shilpashastra. These verses were called dhyana and it contains instructions for the craftsmen about the physical measurements, proportions, symbols to be used and description of the deity.

The Budithi Brassware is also an exquisite craft of the state, which originated in a small village called Budithi. Budithi is well known for creating beautiful shapes out of alloy. These shapes are available in modern as well antique style.

The Metal crafts of Pembarthi originated in the small village of Pembarthi, which is nearly one hundred kilometers from Hyderabad. The intricate brass work flourished here during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty.

Crafts of Andhra PradeshThe Durgi Stone craft began its journey from Durgi, which is situated at a distance of ten kilometers from Macherla. Some of the exquisite pieces of the Durgi stone craft is found in the Nagarjunakonda museum.

Kondapalli Toys belong to the Kondapalli district of the state and are also called Tella Poniki. The toys are made up of sawdust, tamarind seed powder, enamel gums and watercolours. These realistic toys are crafted by hereditary craftsmen and mostly are single figures of deities or real life images like boy milking cow, woman cooking etc.

The Lacquer craft requires the application of lacquer on wood to provide a distinguishing appeal. It is mainly found in Ethioppaka of Andhra Pradesh.

In the Adilabad district of the state, in Nirmal town, the Nirmal art flourishes. Nirmal arts consist of scenes and characters from the Hindu epics Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The manufacturing of Veena is also an art in Andhra Pradesh. It is an integral part of Carnatic music, which is renowned all over the world for its melody and harmony.

An important craft in the state is the silver filigree work. The town of Karimnagar is famous fro this craft. The perfume containers, pan daans, hookahs, jewel boxes etc reflect the excellent craftsmanship and the dexterity with which the work is done.Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is also known for its excellent handlooms. Handloom of Andhra Pradesh with its sheer color has become a craft in itself. The saris of the state have their own style and have developed for generations. The Chirala textile is a remarkable craft of the state. It is made by using a large quantity of oil, which is used for preparing the yarn for weaving. After finishing the fabric, it is wrapped with wax and clay before dyeing in selected colors. The Dharmavaram silk sarees are famous all over the world. The borders of the saris are broad with brocaded gold patterns and also have butta. There are exclusive designs on the pallus.

The Persians who migrated to Andhra Pradesh during the Muhammadin regime brought the art form of the carpets to India. Later, the carpet industry developed in Eluru and came to be known as the Eluru carpets. The Gawal, Ikat, Mangalgiriand Uppada are the other famous handloom sarees of Andhra Pradesh. The Kalamkari fabric of Machilipatnam is famous all over the world for the beautiful vegetable colours used on the clothes. It involves a range of special mythological designs for Hindus and is used in tent lining cloth, table clothes and curtain clothes. Machilipatnam's Kalamkari block prints are rich with the imagery of fine floral and vine themes, roses, amris etc.

Bead embroidery on textiles is also very famous. They are embellishments on fine fabrics and this type of embroidery is usually done on sarees and blouse pieces. White and coloured beads are usually used on dark and bright shades to bring out the beauty of the bead design. Jangaon is renowned for this craft.

(Last Updated on : 11/11/2014)
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Crafts of Andhra Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Crafts of Andhra Pradesh
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