Tribes of Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Tribes of Rajasthan
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Tribes of Rajasthan
Tribes of Rajasthan are said to be the original inhabitants of Rajasthan. These tribes of Rajasthan state comprises of about twelve percent of the total population of the state.
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 Bishnoi Tribe of RajasthanTribes of Rajasthan constitute 12% of the total population. The main tribal communities of Rajasthan are Bhil tribe and Meena tribe. The major concentration of these tribes of Rajasthan is found mainly in the foothill of Vindhya, Aravalli mountain ranges. Each and every tribes of Rajasthan have contributed with their unique customs and rituals, thereby making the whole of the culture of Tribes of Rajasthan are quite enriched. Their styles of making houses, festivals, costumes all bear witness to the cultural exquisiteness of the tribes of Rajasthan.

Origin of Tribes of Rajasthan
In Hindu mythology well known Bhil figure is Shabari who offered Lord Rama and Lakshmana half eaten berries. In Mahabharata there is also the existence of Bhils. The name of the Meenas derived from the Sanskrit word `meen` meaning fish. Meenas are considered to be the descents of Lord Vishnu`s Matsya Avatar.

The early history of the tribes of Rajasthan depicts that during the invasions by Hunas, Aryans, Sakas and Kusanas the tribal communities survived the attacks and maintained their cultural and traditional heritage. In order to maintain their livelihood, these tribes of Rajasthan carry on cultivation, while there are quite a number of tribes of Rajasthan state who have developed acumen for business and commercial activities.

Religion of Tribes of Rajasthan
Just like any other tribal community, the tribes of Rajasthan have adapted to religion and also spiritualism. Maximum of theses tribes of Rajasthan are the ardent followers of Hinduism. Sikhism also is quite prevalent amongst these tribes of Rajasthan. Today under the influence of modern day society, these tribes of Rajasthan also take up religions like Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Parsi religion.

Costumes of Tribes of Rajasthan
Both, the males and female members of the tribal communities of Rajasthan dress up in the traditional dresses wholly influenced by several factors like climate, economy, status and the profession, that they are occupied. Festivals, fairs, dancing, music are integral part of these tribes of Rajasthan state.

Several Tribes of Rajasthan
Among the scheduled tribes of Rajasthan, Bhil tribe occupies the major position. Another scheduled tribe of this state which has got importance is Gadia Lohar Tribe. At the core of the state of Rajasthan, the Garasia tribes live with its treasure of cultural tradition as depicted in its superb language, food habits and gorgeous clothes. Some other tribal communities or `adivasis` that are found in different parts of Rajasthan are Bishnoi Tribe, Meena tribes, Meghval and Rabari Tribe.

However, all the tribes of Rajasthan share some common behaviour, the differences being in their jewellery, costumes, fairs and festivals.

(Last Updated on : 08/07/2011)
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Tribes of Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Tribes of Rajasthan
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