Tribes Of Himachal Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Tribes Of Himachal Pradesh
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Tribes Of Himachal Pradesh
Tribes of Himachal Pradesh make their identity with their culture, costumes and tradition and religion they follow.
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 Gaddi TribeTribes of Himachal Pradesh are scattered in different parts of this state and have occupied a considerable percentage of India. The tribal communities residing in different parts of Himachal Pradesh are sociable and by their own culture and tradition, they have marked their position in the Indian subcontinent. Dancing, musical melodies, festivals, fairs etc. bore evidence to it. They are by nature nomadic people and their customs and social structure make them identifiable from each other.

The tribes of Himachal Pradesh belong to the famous Indo-Aryan family group. As far as the physical appearances are concerned, these tribes of Himachal Pradesh also have got identifiable features of that of an Indo-Aryan or Mongoloid. The major tribes of this region include Kinnaura tribe, Lahaule tribe, Gaddi tribe, Gujjar tribe.

As far as the occupations are concerned, these tribes of Himachal Pradesh have taken up the occupations including rearing of cattle and also raising of wool. There are quite a handful of tribes of Himachal Pradseh who have adapted to occupations like cultivation and also horticulture.

Dresses that these tribes of Himachal Pradesh wear also are quite exquisite to look at. The male dresses include long coat and woolen pyjama, and also the women tribes of Himachal Pradesh have a woolen saree, popularly known as Dhoru as their attires. Shoes that are made up of wool and goat hair protect their feet.

Although these tribes of Himachal Pradesh fete all the important festivals, these tribes of Himachal Pradseh also have added fervor to the festive season by incorporating their own traditional customs and beliefs

The Gaddi tribes of Himachal Pradesh dwell in numerous districts like Chamba, Kangra etc. the people of this tribal group are not nomadic in nature and they have their own villages where they reside in a cluster. The notable thing about the Gaddi tribe is their costumes. Most of the people of this community are shepherds but some are engaged in other occupations too.

Gujjar tribal community has developed the practice of carrying on conversation in numerous languages namely, Urdu, Hindi. They have also adapted religion like Islam. As per the study conducted by numerous anthropologists, the Gujjar tribes arrived in India most probably in 6th century.

Another tribal group, Kinnaura tribal community, is one of the Scheduled tribes of Himachal Pradesh state where most of the people talks in wonderful dialect called Kinnori. It has been assumed that the Kinnaura people belong to the Kinner group who got mentioning in Mahabharata. As per some other scholars, this tribal people are the descendants of Kirats. They reside in the border district of Kinnaur. Their physical stature bears some similarities with the Aryans.

The people of the Lahaule tribal community of Himachal Pradesh converse in the beautiful language of Pattani which also is famous in their other names including Manchati, Manchad, Patni, Chamba, Chamba Lahuli, Lahuli, Swangla. They are the inhabitants of Lahaul and they are the amalgamation of Munda tribes and Tibetans. Their societal structure is divided into high and low castes. Basically this tribal group is followers of Buddhism.

(Last Updated on : 27/10/2009)
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Tribes Of Himachal Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Tribes Of Himachal Pradesh
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