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Islamic Theologians
Islamic theologians have played a very important role in shaping and moulding Islamic philosophy down the ages. It was their various ideas and interpretations which added significantly to the body of Islamic philosophy and steered it in the direction of development.
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 Concept of God in Buddhism
Concept of God in Buddhism has a different perception. Buddhism refuses the Concept of God rather they believe in the existence or reality of an enlightened being, who is believed to save human beings from all kinds of sufferings. Lord Buddha almost remained silent regarding the Concept of God.
Kapila was a wise ancient sage, who was the proponent of Sankhya philosophy. Kapila is famous for his teachings as a process of liberation known as Bhakti Yoga.
 First Chapter
First Chapter of Aitareya Upanishad states about the creation of the universe by God. It says that the man is the microcosm and food is for the preservation of the world.
 Amrita Bindu Upanishad
The Amrita Bindu Upanishad is one of the minor Upanishads of Hinduism and describes the nature of the mind and the ways in which it becomes attached to material objects.
 Abdul Rehman Jilani Dehlvi
Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani Dehlvi was a renowned Sufi saint of the Qadri Order in India.
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Islamic Theologians
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