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Chapters of Markendeya Purana
Chapters of Markendeya Purana record the conversation between Markendeya and Jaimini. The Markendeya Purana contains one hundred and thirty four chapters.
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Draupadi, the daughter of King Drupada who ruled over Panchal, was the wife of all the five Pandavas. Draupadi was given the status of a goddess in south India.
In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Kaushalya was the first queen of King Dasaratha, King of Ayodhya and the mother of Lord Rama. Kaushalya`s significance stems not only from her esteemed position as a queen mother but also from her impeccable character and unwavering devotion.
Dhritarashtra, a prominent character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, was the king of the Kuru Kingdom and the father of the Kauravas. Born to Queen Ambika and King Vichitravirya, he faced the challenge of blindness from birth but rose to become a respected ruler of Hastinapura. With the support of his devoted wife Gandhari, he fathered one hundred sons, including the eldest Duryodhana, and one daughter.
 Folktales Of Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh Folktale, The Unwanted Guest, narrates the story of a wise woman, Buddhimati.
Kathasaritsagara is the collection of fables in India by Somadeva.
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Chapters of Markendeya Purana
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