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Clay Crafts of India
Clay Crafts of India is an important art form of the country. There is a wide variety of clay potteries in India. In fact clay crafts in date back to the time of Indus Valley Civilisation.
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 Crafts of Tripura
The crafts of Tripura bear ample testimony to the culture of crafts that have developed over generations in the state. Handicrafts of Tripura reflect the inborn art of workmanship, and uniqueness of the people that majorly comprises tribes.
 Crafts of Sikkim
Crafts of Sikkim are known to create an impact on the visitors and are a huge source of revenue for the state. These crafts mainly originated as daily utility items for the tribes of the region but gradually evolved in style and aesthetics to become pieces of art.
 Crafts of Haryana
The crafts of Haryana are rooted to the rural economy and are more than artistic showpieces, they are utilitarian in nature originally crafted as home utility and décor items. With the wave of modernization, these crafts have been remodeled aesthetically while also preserving its rustic appeal.
 Crafts of Nagaland
The crafts of Naga have not only a national market but have created an impact amongst the foreign tourists as well. The intricate handicrafts of the region have a rustic appeal which makes them unique in appearance and environment-friendly as well.
 Crafts of Uttaranchal
The range of crafts of Uttarakhand speaks of the creativity of the people. The crafts are diverse and mainly trace its origin to the tribal population of the region. Handicrafts of Uttarakhand are also influenced by the culture of the people and the climate of the region.
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Clay Crafts of India
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