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Indian Photographers
The famous Indian photographers with their creativity and imagination have added color to the arena of photography.
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 A photographer is considered as a person who takes a photograph by using the Camera. A photographer's work may be limited to the existent shooting of the camera. A photograph therefore can be the work of a single person or of a team.

Events and landscapes in India, since the 18th century, had been in a discriminating manner observed and documented by both Indian and European artists in paintings, drawings, aquatints and lithographs. During the 19th century, India was at the cutting edge of photographic development. Many of Photographic exhibitions then included a wide range of attractive images many of which have never been seen before in public.

With the immense growth of technology and of course with the colossal growth in the arena of fashion photography, nature photography etc Indian Photographers have made a remarkable achievment in the field of photography.

Thus in the recent era the photographers can be categorized as: Abstract photographer, Advertising photographer, Aerial photographer, Architectural photographer, Art photographer, Digital photography, Documentary photographer, Ethnographic photographer, Fashion photographer, Food photographer, Industrial photographer, Interiors photographer, Landscape photographer, Portraitist, Scientific/technical photographer, Sports photographer, War photographer.

Some of the noted Indian photographers are:
Indian PhotographersAshok Salian
Ashok Salian is a young and happening, news-making photographer. He is known for his work in the fashion world and outside of it and also mobilizes support for various social causes, including animal rights. He is one photographer who is not afraid to speak his mind.

Lala Deen Dayal
Lala Deen Dayal was a great artist and a great technician. His legacy of negative plates and original prints are of great importance to the world of photography. His collection comprises over 2700 glass plate negatives, 200 original prints and other material such as exhibition prints, registers and photographic equipment.

Raghu Rai
Raghu Rai became a photographer in the year 1965 and joined The Statesman, a daily New Delhi publication. He became a freelance photographer in 1976 and did some extraordinary work with his camera. Later in the 1990's he joined India Today as the director of photography and till the year 1997 he served as the jury for World Press Photo.

Raghubir Singh
One of the twentieth century's finest documentary photographers, Raghubir Singh or Raghubir Singh Khatu was born in in 1942 in a thakur family. Raghubir took to photography even as a student at Hindu College at Delhi University in the mid-1960s, when he started doing photo features for Life, The New York Times and some British publications. Calcutta proved to be a turning point for him.

Homai Vyarawalla
Indian Photographers Homai started freelancing for the Illustrated Weekly of India. And its editor Stanley Jepson used to give her weekly assignments. In the early days for a fragile woman like Homai taking photographs in field situations was not easy. Her large-format Speed Graphic camera had a composite wood, steel and aluminum chassis, which used to weigh more than six pounds.

Vikram Bawa
Vikram Bawa is an internationally acclaimed, renowned fashion and landscape photographer from India. Rightly called as "Master of Gimmicks" in the world of fashion photography, he is probably the first photographer from the Asian sub-continent to venture into three-dimensional photography.

Gautam Rajyadhyaksha
A glamour photographer from Maharashtra, of the maharashtrian Saraswat Brahmin family is a famous veteran photographer. This writer by profession has clicked over 200 film personalities in his career of 17 years. Rajadhyaksha turned photographer when he could not get a photographer on Sundays to click stars that he interviewed for Celebrity magazine.

Indian PhotographersVictor George
Victor George, born in the year 1955, was an immensely talented photographer from in India. It was his brother who introduced him to photography. It began as a hobby but later it developed into a passion and a very serious interest. In 1981 Victor joined the Malayala Manorama. From 1985 to 1990 he worked in their Delhi bureau.

Jatin Kampani
Kampani's photographs are a play of light and an intelligent sense and use of space. The viewer gets engrossed in the beauty of the picture. It is very evident that Kampani practices photography purely as an art form.

Daboo Ratnani
One of the renowned names, the last in fashion photography of today is that of Daboo Ratnani, who started of with his career in photography as an apprentice to Sumeet Chopra for four years. He had a flair for photography since childhood.

Subi Samuel
One of India's leading photographer and voted as one of the 'coolest people' by an Indian Television channel, Subi Samuel has also been rated as the most good looking man just after Hrithik Roshan. His work covers almost all magazines.

Sharad Haksar
Sharad Haksar is an award winning digital photographer from India, clicking world-class "Commercial and advertising photography .

Indian PhotographersAnand Sharan:
He is a professional advertising and fashion photographer. In the year 1998, International recognition came to him, when he was invited to participate in Flprence Biennale.

Sandeep Mhatre: He has started his professional career nearly 15 years ago. He is the student of the Rhode Island School of Photography, USA.

Pradip Gupta:
He has started his career as an Asst. cameraman in Bombay (now Mumbai) film industry & later switched over to Industrial & Advertising photography.

Nrupen Madhvani:
His wide-ranging portfolio comprises from abstracts to interiors, products to portraits, and lifestyle to landscapes. He conviction that 'less is more' is reflected in his works.

Sanjeev Prabhu: He is an Industrial, Food, Interiors, Exteriors, Jewellery and Tabletops Photographer.

Sanjay Maratha:He is a commercial photographer.

Ajit Patel: He is an advertising Photographer.

Indian PhotographersSwapan Mukherjee: this seasoned photographer, amongst the leading photographer is one of the finest.

The list can be furthered even more, with the stellar presence of some more prestigious Indian photographers, like:

Adarsh Anand Madhaviah Krishnan Sam Bagli
Anil Gandhi Milind Ketkar Sandeep Savant
Arvind Sawant Mohan Ranade Sateesh Paknikar
Asad Yezdi Mona Bhattacharya Siddharth Siva
Atul Kasbekar Nagesh Photography Sooni Taraporevala
Ayesha Soni Narendra Dubal Sukumar Ray
B. S. Ranga Ninad Dalal Swapan Mukherjee
Bharat Pania Nitin Karnik Thakur Dalip Singh
Dara Ichhaporia Padmakar Shevde Tushar Deshpande
Darogha Ubbas Alli Pratik Victor George
F.W. Champion Raj Mistry Vijay Sutavani
Glenn Dodd Richard D'souza Vishal Bhende
Hari Mahidhar Ronny Sequeira Zul Siwani
Hemant Khandelwaal Sachin Gujarathi -
(Last Updated on : 23/05/2013)
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Indian Photographers - Informative & researched article on Indian Photographers
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