Costumes of Karnataka - Informative & researched article on Costumes of Karnataka
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Costumes of Karnataka
Costumes of Karnataka share the uniqueness and sophistication of South India. The keenness of life is expressed through the colourful attires.
 Kanjeevaram Saree Costumes of Karnataka The costumes of Karnataka present the harmony of tradition and modernity. The contemporary society is reflected by the dressing sense of the people of Karnataka. Sarees are the traditional dress of Karnataka women. There is not much variation in men's attire in Karnataka but a strict dressing code is followed set down by the elders.

Women's Costume in Karnataka
Saree is usually worn by the Karnataka females. It consists of regal silk sarees, which happen to be the traditional costumes of this place. Karnataka is the silk hub of the country. Karnataka silk has a wide spectrum. It has abundant variety, namely, smooth silks, sleek chiffons, and gorgeous brocades. These sarees not only decorate women in the state, but also establish its sway in other parts of the country and in foreign nations. Indeed, Bengaluru and Mysore are the epicentres of silk-industries in South India. The marvellous shine, the super quality thread and the interweaving of gold threads in exclusive creations, attribute to the profound popularity of the sari as the favourite costume.

The Kanjeevaram or Kanchipurram silks, of Kanchipuram in Karnataka, dazzle the eye with the rich texture, mind-blowing colours, and fabulous designs. The Kanchipuram Silk Saree is a hand-woven creation. The silk yarn is dyed to bring the desired colour and afterwards Jari is interleaved into the yarn. Pure Jari is a silk thread, intertwined with a thin silver wire and then gilded with pure gold. The Jari adds the element of shimmer in the yarn. The technique of Kanchipuram-making calls for Sarees the conjunction of three threads to concertedly make the silk thread used for weaving. This gives the sari a durable quality. Hence, the outstanding Kanchipuram sarees usually turn out to be the bridal costume of Karnataka.

Men Costumes of Karnataka Among the other popular items, Mysore silk, deserve mention. The magnificent mantle, the lustrous zari and the rich silk, make the saree assume an enchanting look. These sarees are less expensive than the queen of silks, Kanchipuram silks. Therefore, its reasonable costs make it more affordable for the ordinary people and, still give them the elegance, they are searching for. Arani Silks, Valkalams, Kora Silks, Patola Sarees, exclusive Designer Mysore Silk Sarees, Crepe Silk Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, and Raw Silk saris can satisfy the aesthetically aware population of Karnataka. Sarees with this impressive variety is thus the traditional costume of Karnataka. The Kornadu sarees are fascinating in their fusion-display of cotton and silk. The saris are woven in a blue cotton yarn together with a silk yarn in other multiple shades. The motifs in the sarees are varied and the body of the sari either bestowed with checks or stripes. These sarees are used as daily comfort wears.

The Mysore crepe silk, is apt as costume for office or workplace, more because of its light-weight, and easier maintenance. It is supple opaque crepe silk complemented with Jari margins. These saris are dyed in spectacular colours after the completion of the weaving. The Ilkal and the Mokalmuru sarees stand as the ethnic motif of Karnataka. It is used for regular wear and tear and also as traditional costume, by a fashion-conscious Karnataka lady. Karnataka presents before the world its harmonisation of modernity and tradition. When Bangalore reigns as the Silicon Valley of India, it is evident that women and men will also adhere to the formal office wear, suitable for working environs. Today's girls might wear Mysore crepe salwars, or Karnataka handloom's cotton salwar or saree, or even Western jeans and trousers for practical purpose.

Men's Costume in Karnataka
The main dress of the men is a 'lungi' which is worn below the waist beneath a shirt. A 'angavastram', a silk or cotton muffler is placed on the neck covering the shoulder Most of Karnataka men use modern wear for daily purpose without having the privilege of many options. However, on special occasions, men might dress themselves in ornate versions of their traditional costume, the Panche, which is Dhoti-like apparel. In recent times, only the rustic men of Karnataka stick to Panche, as their everyday costume. Mysore Peta is the traditional headdress for Karnataka.

The magic wand of technology has cast its spell on Karnataka. But surprisingly enough, the demand for the traditional costume of Karnataka, especially those of women, has not declined, but is on the rise with the passage of time. Recent technological improvement rather has set the textile industry of Karnataka on a boom. This state has established an ideal example of blending present priorities with tradition, to achieve the best of costumes.

(Last Updated on : 06/01/2012)
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Costumes of Karnataka - Informative & researched article on Costumes of Karnataka
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