Lavani , Indian Folk Dance - Informative & researched article on Lavani , Indian Folk Dance
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Lavani , Indian Folk Dance
avani, the popular dance form of Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh, echoes the aura of Indian ethnicity amidst its artistry.
 Lavani , Indian Folk DanceThe verve, the enthusiasm, the rhythm and above all the very beat of India finds an expressive declaration amidst the folk music of India, which has somewhat, redefined the term "bliss". Lavani is indeed one of the most important folk dance forms of India. Originated in the arid region of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Lavani enlaced with its color, dream and effervescence is somewhat like an escape to the land of beauty and love.

The word Lavani did originate from the term "Lavanya" which means beauty. Quite ideally therefore beauty, splendor, magnificence coupled with the aura of sheer feminism laces this classical folk dance form whilst offering it a colossal identity of its own. Although the exact date of the origin of Lavani is still vague, however it is said that in the long gone era this dance form did originate as a typical form of entertainment and also as a boost to the tired soldier. It was much later Lavani became a well-accepted and well-celebrated folk dance form of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Lavani is like a musical discussion and is therefore a harmonious blend of tune, timber, dance, song and tradition. The enchanting beats of the "Dholak" coupled with the zing of the colorful dance form, adds an articulate dimension to this particular Folk music while making it even jazzier. The tempo of Lavani is pretty fast and is often unified with the rhythmic feet of the colorful dancers.

The thump of the colors of Madhya Pradesh and above all the zest of the Indians finds a definite dimension amidst the bang of Lavani, which has delineated the very term "Folk Dance" .

(Last Updated on : 11/11/2010)
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Lavani , Indian Folk Dance - Informative & researched article on Lavani , Indian Folk Dance
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