Captain Vyom, Indian Comics - Informative & researched article on Captain Vyom, Indian Comics
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Captain Vyom, Indian Comics
Captain Vyom is a science fiction Indian comics series based on a television serial. It was published by Diamond Comics in many Indian languages.
 Captain Vyom, Indian ComicsCaptain Vyom is an Indian comics series based on the Indian science fiction television serial of the same name which gained immense popularity during the late 1990s. The Captain Vyom comic book series was published by Diamond Comics in many Indian languages and in also English as well. The central character of the comics series is generally illustrated with the likeness of actor Milind Soman who portrayed the character of Captain Vyom in the television serial that was aired on Doordarshan. Captain Vyom was much admired and became highly popular due to its futuristic concepts like time travel and space wars. Diamond Comics released various issues of the comic series maintaining the storyline of the original live-action television serial.

Content of Captain Vyom
The story of Captain Vyom is set in the year 2220 AD, where humans have been able to conquer the solar system and has reached out to the farthest corners of space. Planet Earth is controlled by a single unit of World Government, which has its headquarters in the futuristic city of Delhi. Advanced space stations have been set up on various planets of the Solar System. Among them, one of the stations was developed as a high security prison on the moon of Jupiter known as Io, where the 12 most dangerous criminals were imprisoned in suspended animation. During the course of the story, a meteorite strikes space prison and there by destroying the security system which enabled all the prisoners to escape.

Captain Vyom, one of the best law enforcers, is assigned on a special mission by the Earth Government to capture and arrest the escaped convicts. The male protagonist is the offspring of one of the best scientists on Earth. His grandfather is the ruler of the Parajeevs, which is a highly advanced race of beings from the thirteenth dimension. Captain Vyom was raised in a monastery in Ladakh and was trained in yogic powers of concentration. Vyom, with his specialised crew, set off for the mission in a space shuttle called Ulka.

Eventually it is revealed the Captain Vyom is partly Parajeev or parasite, which is a species of body snatching aliens. His human parents were Dr. Om Swaroop, a reputed scientist, and his mother was Parchhaayee (Naina). She was the daughter of the ruler of Parajeevs, Kaala Saaya. Captain Vyom was a highly experienced soldier and an expert warrior. Other characters in the story are Commander Pablo, Lieutenant Maya, Captain Blaze, Dr. Zen, SYD-E, Fuller, Vishwapramukh, Astro-Guru, Kaala Saaya etc.

(Last Updated on : 17/02/2012)
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Captain Vyom, Indian Comics - Informative & researched article on Captain Vyom, Indian Comics
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