Hada Bhoda - Informative & researched article on Hada Bhoda
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Hada Bhoda
Hada Bhoda is a popular Indian comics series published in Bengali and English by Deb Sahitya Kuthir. The series was created by renowned cartoonist Narayan Debnath.
 Hada BhodaHada Bhoda are well known characters in Indian comics series of the same name published by children's magazine named Shuktara on a monthly basis. Hada Bhoda was initially created as a Bengali comics strip by Narayan Debnath, one of the most respected Indian comics creators. Later due to the increasing reputation of the strip, it was transformed into a monthly series. Hada Bhoda along with Batul the Great and Nonte Fonte are some of the most prominent creations of Narayan Debnath. Hada Bhoda was also made into an animation series in Bengali and was aired in regional television channels.

History of Hada Bhoda
Narayan Debnath started working in Bengali comics medium after he was suggested and inspired by the editors at Deb Sahitya Kuthir publishing house. Although Debnath was much familiar with various types of foreign comics, he was apprehensive about the future and scope of comics in Bengali. It was then that the publishers suggested him about concept and name of Hada Bhoda, which Narayan Debnath developed accordingly. The Hada Bhoda comics series became popular right from its initial release and was much praised by Bengali comic book readers. It still enjoys same popularity in Bengal and is now published in book form, which consists of several short stories from the series.

Earlier, Hada Bhoda was penciled and inked by Narayan Debnath and did not contain any colour. Gradually the series started to be printed in grayscale.

Concept of Hada Bhoda
Hada and Bhoda are the two central characters of the series. Hada is a thin and mischievous teenaged boy who attempts to put Bhoda and others in dire trouble. Bhoda is slightly fatty teenager and in the same age group as Hada. Bhoda is portrayed as the good guy who thwarts the many actions of Hada through his intellect and is sometimes supported by luck. In most stories, it is revealed in the climax that Hada gets punished for his nuisances. Pishemoshai, their fraternal uncle, is one of the major characters in the series who is depicted as a short tempered person. Pishemoshai often gives Hada and Bhoda some tasks and chores that need to be conducted properly.

In most plotlines, Hada avoids doing the task at hand by using his intellect and tricks Bhoda in doing the work alone. Moreover, he tricks Bhoda in doing things that will land him in trouble and thus Bhoda is shown to be punished by Pishemoshai frequently. Hada also steals and even snatches money from Bhoda and eats at restaurants. But in the climax of the story Hada's plans get foiled and he invariably ends up getting beaten by Pishemoshai and others. Like other works of Narayan Debnath, most characters are very fond of eating and many plots revolve around the actions of attempting to have a good meal, mostly by mischievous means. Bhoda has a younger friend named Bocha whom Hada considers to be Bhoda's disciple.

Pishemoshai's wife, their fraternal aunt has also been featured in few issues of Hada Bhoda. The Hada Bhoda series is still popular in West Bengal and the series is published every month in Bengali and English.

(Last Updated on : 13/12/2011)
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Hada Bhoda - Informative & researched article on Hada Bhoda
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