Crookbond, Characters in Indian Comics Series - Informative & researched article on Crookbond, Characters in Indian Comics Series
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Crookbond, Characters in Indian Comics Series
Crookbond was an Indian version of James Bond, published by the popular Manoj Comics. Crookbond was accompanied by his cousin Motu and his pet dog named Manmauji.
 Crookbond, Characters in Indian Comics SeriesCrookbond was a character in Indian comics series published and distributed by Manoj Comics, which was a popular Indian comics company at on time. The character of Crookbond was inspired by Ian Fleming`s James Bond. But unlike the popular the original Bond, the Indian version named Crookbond, had various hilarious situations and consequences during his missions and misadventures. He identified himself as the disciple of James Bond. Crookbond was amongst the original characters and earliest heroes made popular by Manoj Comics.

Concept of Crookbond
Crookbond was interested to become a spy since his childhood. He was an ardent follower of James Bond and considered as his mentor. When he failed to pass his examination, Crookbond ran away from his house, to escape from his father`s wrath, and with the help of his mother he went to his uncle`s house in a different village. Eventually he began his adventures as a spy. The various funny missions of Crookbond revolved around saving the world from wicked plans of mad scientists or about retrieving important documents from enemies before they were delivered to opposing nations. Crookbond was also a detective and chased many bad guys and criminal gangs and brought them to justice. His cousin Motu always accompanied Crookbond and called himself as the disciple of Crookbond. The team of Crookbond and Motu helped many people.

Crookbond was physically very thin and lean, but his intelligence, wisdom and agility made him successful against his enemies. He was also an expert of various disguises and was also a scientist. He possessed a technically advanced car like James Bond, named Super Car. This car contained numerous gadgets and aided Crookbond in his missions. The Super Car was controlled by the hood emblem named Mr. Holdol. His pet dog Manmauji also helped him in some of his adventures. The adventures of Crookbond were mainly concerned with investigating a murder, mystery or myth.

Crookbond`s father was a police inspector and his mother was a simple housewife. She was very proud of his son, although his father was not too happy with Crookbond`s profession and activities. His cousin Motu was closest to Crookbond and always accompanied him in his mission and adventures. Some of the prominent rivals are Dokra, Joker, Zingaroo and many others. Other than Joker, no other enemies appeared in multiple issues of Crookbond.

Publications of Crookbond
Manoj Comics published and distributed numerous issues of the Crookbond series. Some of the most popular include Adrishya Shaitaan, Andhere Ka Baadshah, Bheekh Do Dua Lo, Darmaster, Dhamaka Singh Ki Barat, Crookbond Ban Gya Bander, Adamkhor Baadshah, Akash Ka Jadugar, Ak-47, Badmaashon Ki Toli, Chaandi Ka Tapu, Khooni Patakhe, Crookbond Ka Naya Hungama, Nakli Noton Ka Vayapari, Nashe Ke Vyapari, Navaab Teeta, Maut Ka Jungle, Noton Ki Chita, Taash Ka Ikka, Piramid Ka Qaidi, Pralayankaari Zingaroo, Sunahra Jaal, Pretmandli, Sky Writer, Sone Ka Sikka, Bharat Ki Beti, Koral Ke Ladake, Khooni Putli, Crookbond Aur Master Bruce Li, Maut Ka Farishta, Khujli Wala Apraadhi, Desh Ke Gaddar, Maut Ke Angare, Hinsa Ke Pujaari, Jhudjuda, Buldozer, Car Race, Crookbond Ki Yamlok Yatra, Crookbond Ki Yamlok Yatra, Crookbond Ka Apharan, Japuka Ke Shaitan, Kharbooza, Shaahi Mahal Ka Shadyantra, Great Dokra, Super Lafange, Dushman Desh Ka Jasoos, Crookbond Ka Badla, Crookbond Aur Sabhi Deewane Jooto Ke, Fatmaaraa Ka Ototi, Motu Ka Apharan, Dhamakasing Ka Dhamaka, Dimaag Ke Chor, Daityalok Main Hangama, Patjhatta, Tuiyan Ka Khajana, Yamraj Ka Upahar, Jasoos Ka Hatyara, Lohe Ki Putli, Totia Fotonil, Vilayati Jasoos, Maut Ke Vyapari, Super Crookbond, Murder Plan, Dushman Hai Zamana Thenge Se, Gajab Dhamaka, Jasoos Ki Hatya, Ghoonsa Khao Sehat Banao, and Superboy.

Other popular issues are Jallad Crookbond, Great Joker, Khooni Baadshah, Hathiyaroon Ke Saudagar, Morden Jasoos Crookbond, Nakli Chehra, Pati Ki Talaash, Hatyara Sasur, Kaampti Dharti Ke Log, Insaaf Ka Danda, Lutere Vriksh, Tirgitmooth, Langda Shaitaan, Kaana Don, Karu Ka Khazana, Mr Ajooba, Kaliyug Ka Dhram Raj, Latura, Kuber Ka Heera, Maut Ke Badshah, Mr. Maut, Operation Tanatan, Swarglok Main Hungama, Murdon Ke Beech Main, Tahelka Dimaag Ka, Sabka Ustad Crookbond, Maut Ki Putli Ka Ant, Shaitan Azoobe, Super Car, Ram Naam Sat Hai and Shikari Ki Khoj.

(Last Updated on : 01/12/2011)
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Crookbond, Characters in Indian Comics Series - Informative & researched article on Crookbond, Characters in Indian Comics Series
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