Pramatha Chaudhuri, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Pramatha Chaudhuri, Bengali Author
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Pramatha Chaudhuri, Bengali Author
Pramatha Chaudhuri is one of the illuminating personalities of modern Bengali literature. He was also known by the pseudonym Birbal.
 Pramatha Chaudhuri, Bengali AuthorPramatha Chaudhuri left an eternal inheritance to Bengali Literature. He was a staunch patriotic and a devotee of Sanskrit language. Pramatha Chaudhuri was a pioneer as well as a creative author who was capable in writing essays and fiction. He did his college from the Presidency College, Kolkata in First Arts. However he had to shift to Krishnagar due to outbreak of dengue fever in Kolkata and joined second year Arts class at Krishnagar College. However he had to suspend his studies and move to Dinajpur. After returning to Kolkata in 1887, he passed the Arts examination from St. Xavier`s College, Calcutta.

He had spent his first five years in Haripur and the next ten years at Krishnagar. From the age of five till that of thirteen he lived at Krishnanagar. His stay in Krishnanagar had influenced his personality immensely. He derived his love for music from his mother and from the cultural atmosphere of Krishnanagar. He studied in six schools ranging from Pathshala to a Christian missionary institution to the local collegiate school.

Literary works of Pramatha Chaudhuri
He composed two original essays and stories between 1890 and 1893 named Phuldani and Torquato Tasso. Khayal Khata was his first composition that appeared under his pen name Birbal in a Bengali journal Bharati in 1902. In 1908 he wrote Ek Tukro Smritikatha. He had a colloquial style in Bengali Prose. Reason and rationality dominate his works. He was the editor of Sabuj Patra which developed several authors.

His compositions consisted of poems, a few collections of short stories and several essays which had an extensive impact on Bengali literature. His Bengali translation of Etruscan Vase by French author Prosper M‚rim‚e appeared in Sahitya in 1891. He also wrote Torquato Tasso Ebang Tanhar Sidhha Betaler Kathopokathan. Jayadeva was his first original prose where he followed a conventional writing style. Banga Bhasha banam Babu Bangla orfe Sadhu Bhasha and Sadhu Bhasha banam Chalit Bhasha were his two articles published in Bharati in 1912.

Sonnet Panchasat was his first collection of poems that was published in 1913. It had fifty sonnets. His second collection of poems was Padacharan which was dedicated to poet Satyendranath Dutta. His poems were witty. He was neither pessimistic nor an escapist. He loved universe which was reflected in is works.

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Pramatha Chaudhuri, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Pramatha Chaudhuri, Bengali Author
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