Narayan Sanyal, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Narayan Sanyal, Bengali Author
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Narayan Sanyal, Bengali Author
Narayan Sanyal was a versatile writer of modern Bengali literature. He was recognized for his unique novels.
 Narayan Sanyal, Bengali AuthorNarayan Sanyal (26 April 1924, Calcutta - 7 February 2005) was in Shibpur, Howrah. He was a civil engineer. He graduated from University of Calcutta and did Engineering from Bengal Engineering College in 1948. He joined Public Works Department and later National Buildings Organisation. He has composed several books on Civil Engineering such as Vaastu Vigyan.

Literary works of Narayan Sanyal
He wrote several books that dealt with subjects like children, science, art and architecture, travels, psychiatry, technology, refugee problems, history, biographical pieces,. He also wrote social novels. He has also authored a series of detective fiction named the Kanta series. One of his most popular Sci-Fictions `Nakshatraloker Debatatma,` is based on transformation of human race. `Biswasghatak` is his most popular work that was based on the Manhattan project. This is based on the shadow of Brighter than a Thousand Suns: A Personal History of the Atomic Scientists. `Timi Timingil` deals with whales. Most of the "Kanta" series stories were inspired from novels of Perry Mason. For instance, "Ristedar-er Kanta" was inspired by `The case of the beautiful beggar` and `Abhipurbak Ni-Dhatu Au-er Kanta` from `The case of the restless redhead`. Some of his stories have been inspired from Agatha Christie stories. For instance, "Dress Rehearsal-er Kanta" had its source in `Three Act Tragedy`.

His other works include: Muskil Aasaan, Bakultala P.L. Camp, Satyakam, Biswasghatak, Prabanchak, Antarleena, Asleelotar Daye, Emonta To Hoyei Thake, Pashanda Pandit, Parabola Sir, Ladly Begum, Buldozer Lady Ebong, Dandak Shabory, Dandakaranyo, Lal Trikon, Lindeberg, Shaatordhe, Ami Rasbehari Ke Dekhechi, Ami Netaji Ke Dekhechi, Netajir Rahasyo Sandhane, Hey Hanso Balaka, Gajomukta, TajEr Swapno, Aabar Jodi, Ichcha Karo, Daante O Anyanyo, Raskel, Hanseshwari, Ananda-Swarupini, Bratya, Sneha-Dhanya, Durlav "Durlav", Manami, Sherlok Hebo, Chonbal, Aloknanda, Obak Prithibi, Amrapali, Maan Mane Kachu, Pather Mahaprasthan, Purbaiyan, Nagchampa, Kantay Kantay, Bharatiyo Bhaskarje Mithun , Rupamanjari, Ajanta Aparupa, La-jawab-delhi o Aparupa Agra, Sutanuka Ek Debdasir Naam, Sutanuka Kono Debdasir Naam Noy, Timi Timingil, Milanantak, Neelimay Neel, Prem, Origamy, Aartemisiya, chin bharot long march, aji hote sotoborso pore, na manushi bishokosh-1,2., Japan theke fire, abak prithibi, nakhatraloker debotatma, origami o kagoj bhanjer khela with Pradip Dutta, and ek dui tin.

He received Rabindra Puraskar for Aporupa Ajanta in 1969, Bankim Puraskar for Rupmanjari in 2000 and Narasingha Dutta Award.

(Last Updated on : 20/06/2011)
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Narayan Sanyal, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Narayan Sanyal, Bengali Author
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