Buddhadeb Guha, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Buddhadeb Guha, Bengali Author
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Buddhadeb Guha, Bengali Author
Buddhadeb Guha is a prominent fiction writer in Bengali. His compositions are known for its romantic appeal and vague concepts.
 Buddhadeb Guha, Bengali AuthorBuddhadeb Guha (June 29, 1936, Calcutta) reveals some of the beautiful versions of journey in Bengal. He completed his studies from St Xavier`s College, Kolkata. His essays depict a true wanderer`s soul. The backgrounds of his novels are generally forests or nature. He was a chartered accountant and a musician by profession. He led an urban lifestyle. He was the first author to create characters representing easy-going, upper middle-class modern Bengali families. The readers could identify themselves with these characters which gave him quick popularity.

He has received awards like Ananda Puraskar (1976), Shiromani Puraskar and Sharat Puraskar. `Madhukori` is considered as one of his famous novels and is considered as a milestone in Bengali literature. He created the character Rijuda who is an imaginary character who wanders in jungles with his helper Rudra.

The novels written by him include: Aainar Samne, Abhilas, Ababahika, Aborohi, Adbhut Lok, Alokjhari, Anwesh, Babli, Baje Chandanpurer Korcha, Bangri Poshir Doo Rattir, Banjoytsnai, Sabuj Andhakare, Basona Kusum, Bati Ghar, Bhabar Somoi, Bhorere Age, Binnyas, Boi Melate, Bonobasar, Bonobiharir Smriticharon, Chabutara, Chandrayan, Changhar e Gaan, Chapras, Charkanya, Charumati, Chayara Dirgho Holo, Chou, Du-Nombor, Ektu Ushnatar Jonno, Gunja Phuler Mala, Hajarduari, Halud Bosonto, Ilmorander Deshe, Jagmogi, Jaoya-Asa, Jhaki Darshan, Jolchobi, Anumotir Jonnye, Jongli Mohol, Jongoler Journal, Jongol Mahal Jujudhan, Kangpokopi, Khelaghar, Khela Jokhon, Koeler Kache, Kojagor, Kumudini, Lobongir Jongole, Madhukari, Mahulsukhar Chithi, Mandur Rupamoti, Mohorra, Nagno Nirjan, Nana Galpa, Oaikiki, Pakhshat, Palashtalir Parshi, Pamori, Pancham Prabas, Panchasti Priyo Golpo,Panchoprodip, Parijat Paring, Paridhi, Poheli Peyar, Premer Golpo, Priyo Galpo, Prothom Probas, Prothomader Jonnye, Pujor Somoi e, Ragmala, Reunion, Riya, Sajhghore, Eka Saldungri, Sanjhbelate, Sareng Miya, Sasandiri, Sabinay Nibedan, Samo, Sharaswata, Sera baro, Sogotokti, Sondheyr Pore, Sopord, Srestha Golpo, Sukher Kache and ek gharer dui raat. The collection Jongol Sambhar includes Jongol Mohol, Bonobasar, Jongoler Journal, Paridhi and Lobongir Jongole

His Doshti Uponyas includes ten stories and they are: Kumudini, Babli, Bangriposhir Du Rattir, Jongli Mohol, Ragmala, Chandrayan, Pakhsat, Adbhut Lok, Parijayee and Basona Kusum. Ribhu series include: Durer Bhor, Durer Dupur, Najai, Parnomochi, Parijayii, Ribhu, Ribhur Sraban and Ribhu. Rijuda series include:Albino, Aro Dui Rijuda, Aro Dui Notun Rijuda Kahini, Aro Tin Rijuda Kahini, Bagher Mangsho Ebong Onnyo Shikar, Bonobibir Bon e, Duti Rijuda Kahini, Gugunogumbarer Deshe, Langra Pahan, Moulir Raat, Ninikumari r Bagh, Rijuda Kahini, Rijuda Samagra, Rijudar Char Kahini, Rijudar Songe Jongole, Rijudar Songe Boxer Jongole Ebong , Rijudar Songe Lobongi Bone, Rijudar Songe Sodorbone o Anyanyo Golpo, Rijudar Songe Sufkor e, Ru Aha, Taar Baghoa and Tin Rijuda. Baja Tora Raja Jai is an exclusive composition for the younger audience.

(Last Updated on : 16/06/2011)
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Buddhadeb Guha, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Buddhadeb Guha, Bengali Author
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