Tribes of Nagaland - Informative & researched article on Tribes of Nagaland
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Tribes of Nagaland
Tribes of Nagaland comprise one of the largest tribal communities belonging to the Indo Mongoloid family. Tribes of Nagaland include at least fourteen types of Tribes.
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 Angami Tribe of NagalandTribes of Nagaland include a major part of the Nagaland community. The state of Nagaland which is surrounded by Assam in the west , Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam in the north, Myanmar in the east and Manipur in the south, is well known for its tribal community which is scattered not only within the boundaries of Nagaland but also in parts of surrounding seven sisters. The origin of the tribe residing in Manipur can be traced within the Indo Mongoloid Race. The state of Nagaland is one of the smallest state of India covering an area of 16.579 sq. kilometres with almost two million people as its total population.

Culture of Tribes of Nagaland
Tribes of Nagaland include fourteen types which are largely known as Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chan, Khemungan, Konyak, Lotha, Phom, Pochury, Rengma, Sangtam, Sema, Yimchunger and Zeliang. The people of Nagaland are distinctly marked by their looks which are usually marked by medium height, with low facial features, straight hair and brownishn skin. These are some of the typical tends of mongoloid race which is visible in the Naga tribes. The tribes of Nagaland are separately marked by indigenous traditions, customs, language and dresses. The tribes of Nagaland have their own distinctive language. In Nagaland, the tribes speak around sixty different dialects, which are belonging to the Sino-Tibetan language family. Traditional songs and dance forms are an integral part and parcel of the rich culture of the tribes of Nagaland. The costumes of tribes of Nagaland are completely different and colourful. Interestingly, some of their dresses are designed as per the different occasions. Tribal dances are performed during the celebration of the festivals and marriage ceremonies. They also wear colourful jewelleries.

Festivals of Tribes of Nagaland
Tribes of Nagaland are well-known for their festivals which are an integral part of the land. The colourful festivals usually centre on agriculture which is the main occupation of the land. All the tribes celebrate different seasonal festivals with a pageantry of colour and local music. While the festivals of Nagaland represent the traditions of the land, overall these are largely oriented towards offering prayers to the Supreme Being who is recognised by different names indifferent corners of the land. Among other festivals one of the most popularly known festival which is celebrated by the tribes of Nagaland is the Nazu festival. This is the most popular festival of the Pochury tribe of Nagaland which is celebrated for 10 days in the month of February prior to sowing of seeds. This festijval brings new colour of Hope and energy in the land which is celebrated by every member of the tribe from every age group. This festival includes Khupielilie dance which is performed by the women of the community who wear a traditional dress Ascunyi comprising of a red ribbon on the head, Kiileniinyi-a kind of mekhala worn from the chest down till the calfs, Achulhreits -the oranaments, Akhi- the armlet, Akhusa-the bangles of the forearm and beautiful necklace called askar.

Occupation of Tribes of Nagaland
Tribes of Nagaland are primarily engaged in agriculture. While almost 80 percent of population is engaged in agriculture which are located at the hill slopes and receives sufficient amount of rainfall. The tribes keep parity in selecting the crop which depends on the setting of the crops. The tribes of Nagaland largely include the hilly tribes who are responsible for farming.

(Last Updated on : 31/01/2011)
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Tribes of Nagaland - Informative & researched article on Tribes of Nagaland
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