Vishnu Worship, Agni Purana - Informative & researched article on Vishnu Worship, Agni Purana
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Vishnu Worship, Agni Purana
Vishnu worship holds a prominent place in the Agni Purana. The Fire God has narrated that proper worship of the Lord gives an individual heavenly bliss.
 Vishnu Worship, Agni PuranaAgni Purana states that by worshipping Vishnu the Viparas are able to attain all objects of life. In order to worship the lord one should wash his head, rinse his mouth, control his speech and should sit in the posture of a Swastik or in Padmasana with his face directed towards the east. Then he should meditate in the middle of his navel and purify all the impurities of his body. While worshipping Lord Vishnu it is absolutely necessary that he burns down all impurities that are present in his body.

The next step of Vishnu worship involves purifying all the ingredients of worship. After that he should purify his hand and the implements. The worshipper should utter the sixty two mantras and offer various Mudras to the lord. It is also the duty of the worshipper to recite the name of Lord Vishnuone hundred and eight times and to meditate and adore him.

Lord Agni says that the worshipper with his face directed towards the south-east direction presided over by Agni should pray for virtue, knowledge, disassociation from worldly objects and lordly powers. He should cast off his sins and physical impurities on the Yoga postures beginning with the East.

The worshipper should adore Ananta, Lord Yama, the sun and other luminous bodies in the pose of Kurma. He should first adore the limbs at the gate in the east and then Lord Brahma should be worshipped. The worshipper should then assign the disc and the club to the southern quarter and the conch shell and the bow to the corner presided over by the moon. He should then assign arrows and the quiver to the left and the right side of the deity.

The Fire God in Agni Purana narrates that the worshipper should assign leathern fence and prosperity to the left and nourishment to the right. With the help of the mantras the worshipper should worship the garland of wild flowers. It is necessary on the part of the worshipper to recite the mantras for adoring limbs and finally circumambulate them and then only the worshipper can offers offerings to Lord Vishnu.

It has also been mentioned in the Purana that a worshipper should try to identify himself with Brahma and Hari and utter the names of lord several times. A person who seeks salvation should thus perform worship with the Mantram of the eight letters.

Finally Agni concludes stating that worship of Vishnu with absolute dedication yields religious profit for an individual, gives him salvation, fulfils all his desire and transports him to the heavenly abode after death.

(Last Updated on : 25/01/2014)
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Vishnu Worship, Agni Purana - Informative & researched article on Vishnu Worship, Agni Purana
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