Triloka Mantra, Agni Purana - Informative & researched article on Triloka Mantra, Agni Purana
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Triloka Mantra, Agni Purana
Triloka Mantra in Agni Puran is a mantra which evokes the all powerful goddess. The Mantra has the power to drive away all kinds of negative forces.
 The God of Fire has narrated the greatness of the Triloka Mantra in the Agni Purana. He says that the Triloka Mantra is the one which is irresistible in the three worlds and which tramples down the spell of all other incantations. The Triloka Mantra evokes the goddess in her full force and power.

The Mantra asks the fierce-mouthed and horrid jawed goddess to sport amorously. It says that the goddess possess of terrible features like blood-shot eyes. Her laughter has the capacity to reverberate the entire atmosphere. In the Mantra the goddess has been called a goddess of infernal sound and one who has lightning tongues. The Mantra evokes her by asking her to manifest herself with her extremely emaciated features.

She has been asked to dance with her sword flashing forth lightning in all directions. It is said that her face is made all the more fierce by her sullen look and her eyebrows which are arched in rage. The Mantra asks the goddess to roar and laugh with the garland of dead bodies around her neck.

While narrating the Triloka Mantra, Lord Agni has said that it has been said in the Mantra that the dawn-complexioned goddess should arise and attract the minds of men towards her. It has been prayed to her that with her great power the goddess should burn and destroy the most terrible fears and terrors from the minds of men.

It is believed that she is the destructor of all evils and all men should pay homage to her and offer salutation to her. She is considered the ever victorious and ever irresistible in the three worlds.

The Mantra states that the Goddess should be propitiated in connection with an act of victory or with any act undertaken to ensure victory in war, and should be meditated upon as possessed of a blue complexion and twenty hands and as standing on the dead bodies of men.

It has been advised in the Mantra that Nyasa should be performed over the five different parts of the body and oblations composed of red flowers and clarified butter should be offered in the consecrated fire. It has been mentioned in the Agni Purana that repetition of Triloka Mantra has the capacity to drive away all kinds of fear and hostile forces.

(Last Updated on : 29/01/2010)
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Triloka Mantra, Agni Purana - Informative & researched article on Triloka Mantra, Agni Purana
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