Rajasthani Homage Poems, Modern Rajasthani Literature - Informative & researched article on Rajasthani Homage Poems, Modern Rajasthani Literature
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Rajasthani Homage Poems, Modern Rajasthani Literature
Rajasthani Homage Poems pay homage to some historical character and in the process depicts the lofty human values.
 Rajasthani Homage Poems being devoid of any continuous story, take into account the event or environment as a whole with particular relation to the character concerned as its background. Narayansinha Bhati, Rameswardayal Silmali, Ramsinha Solanki and others have written such poems.

In Durgadas written by Bhati in 1956, Durgadas Rathore of Marwar has been depicted as a hero who rises to the occasion and proves his valour and humanity. The diction is powerful. Other than this, in the poem Param Vir, composed in 1963, Bhati pays high homage to Major Saitansinha of Kumaun Regiment, celebrating his heroism. Saitansinha laid down his life in defending the air base at Chusul in Laddakh during the Chinese attack in 1962.

Many others, such as Rewatsinha Bhati, Sawalsinha Dhamora, Mukansinha, Surajansinha Sekhawat, Hanuntsinha Dewda, Udayraj Ujal, Aksayasinha Ratanu, Saubhagyasinha Sekhawat, Man Kumari Rav, Sanwaldan Asiya, and Jogidan Kaviya have also paid poetic homage to Saitansinha and other heroes including Param Vir Chakra winner Pirusinha who sacrificed their lives in fighting against the Chinese attack on India.

Rameswardayal Srimali's Hadi Rani in 1965 is based on the same historical episode which is narrated in Mukulk's Sainani. The newly married Hadi Rani urged her husband to go to the battlefield. He sent a messenger to ask his bride to give a memento to the husband who was proceeding to war. The bride suspected that the love-lorn warrior might fight only with an attention divided between her and the war. She resolved the suspense by cutting off and presenting her own head as a memento. This lofty sacrifice of the Rani has earned heartfelt homage from the poet. Both the poems Narayansinha Bhati's Durgadas and Srimali's Hadi Rani, are in blank verse.

Bawno Himalo in 1971 by Srimall described the ideals for which Mahatma Gandhi fought his life and work. It is in the traditional form of Dingal git.

Ramsinha Solanklis Jan Nayak Pratap in 1976 presents Maharana Pratap Singh as a hero of the people who fought for freedom and sacrificed everything for the sake of country, high ideals and values. The poem consists of 234 sorathas.

Some other poems dealing with Rana Pratap and the battle of Haldighati have also been written. But their treatment is narrative and is not exactly in the nature of homage.

Pratap Pataka in 1973 of Thakur Ranvirsinha Saktawat 'Rasik' eulogizes Rana Pratap in 236 dohas. Maharana ri Olyun in 1956 by Kunwar Ummedsinha Khindasar and Bharat Surya in 1965 by Dines Misra, both are small poems, describing in easy Rajasthani mainly the battle of Haldighati and the condition of the Rana.

Thus it can be concluded saying that Homage Poems are representative of lofty ideals and values and the poems are mainly salutation of such human values.

(Last Updated on : 16/08/2012)
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Rajasthani Homage Poems, Modern Rajasthani Literature - Informative & researched article on Rajasthani Homage Poems, Modern Rajasthani Literature
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