Naturopathy For Gastric Trouble - Informative & researched article on Naturopathy For Gastric Trouble
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Naturopathy For Gastric Trouble
Naturopathy for Gastric troubles helps to maintain the stomach related problems naturally by Asanas and restrained food habits.
 Naturopathy For Gastric TroubleGastric trouble has become a common problem nowadays like constipation and indigestion. Men, women, aged people and even children are suffering from gastric trouble nowadays. The main symptoms of gastric trouble are distended abdomen, Sounds in abdomen, Tense stomach, release of wind with sound from anal passage, Belching etc. The Naturopathy for Gastric trouble helps to maintain the proper balance of the diet which in turn controls stomach related problems that is the main cause of gastric trouble. It generally preaches to enjoy the food and drink in a controlled manner and not to over indulge. Naturopathy for Gastric troubles suggests cures and remedies for gastric disorders.

The main causes for gastric troubles is due to the faulty eating habits of the people like, Eating in a hurry, Eating at wrong time, Talking during eating, Excessive intake of water during eating, Eating more spicy foods etc. are some of the reasons for gastric troubles. Another major factor in gastric problem is taking hotter and colder meal. Tense and irritated state of mind aggravates the situation. The best possible way to treat gastric ailment is to improve and control eating habits. However natural care measures if taken properly can be useful for curing gastric problems through numerous ways like cleansing the bowels with Lemon water enema, Mud pack and Hip bath may be taken, food substances responsible for wind formation should be avoided and light and Sattvic food may be preferred to, full concentration over meal must be given during eating and food should be masticated properly. Weekly fast may be taken for balancing the system.

Proper intake of fruits like grapes, cherries, melons, avocadoes are sweet fruits that cause no distress to the metabolism. But eating of fruits like grapefruit, plumbs, olives, un-ripened pineapples should not be consumed as these are sour fruits which when taken can increase acid which can build-up and lead to gastritis. A reduction in eating hot spicy foods is also recommended. So spices and herbs such as fennel, turmericand coriander oils such as sesame and almond can be consumed but in small amount.

Vegetables and flavourings like red hot peppers, chillies, garlic, and celery should be totally avoided.

Ayurvedic also promotes the practice of regular and set mealtimes. All meals are important, but lunch is the most vital and should be taken at noon and consist of a combination of all the ingredients in proper manner. The other Ayurvedic remedies for gastric are taking Bathe regularly in Abhyanga and add with cooling oil such as coconut.

Also people should try to reduce the stress levels, with moderate working hours per day and should make plenty of time for leisure activities.

(Last Updated on : 15/02/2014)
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Naturopathy For Gastric Trouble - Informative & researched article on Naturopathy For Gastric Trouble
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