Sravasti, Ancient City - Informative & researched article on Sravasti, Ancient City
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Sravasti, Ancient City
Sravasti has the honour of for sheltering Gautama Buddha for 24 rainy seasons in the Jetvana Gardens.
 Sravasti, Ancient CitySravasti is a centre attraction city for the Buddhist pilgrims from across the world. Lots of pilgrims come here to pray and meditate.

Location of Sravasti
Sravasti is located near the West Rapti River and is closely associated with the life of Gautama Buddha, who is believed to have spent 24 Chaturmases here. Age-old stupas, majestic viharas and several temples near the village of "Sahet-Mahet" establish Buddha's association with Shravasti. It is said that the Vedic period king, Shravasta, founded this town.

Atmosphere of Sravasti
Sravasti was a very calm and serene city that gets the proud of sheltering Buddha for 24 rainy seasons in the Jetvana Gardens. Anand Bodhi treeplanted by Buddha's main disciple is in this city. Buddha performed some miracles here. Sravasti was the most favourite place of Gautama Buddha.

Early History of Sravasti
It is said that the mythological king Sravasta found this city and hence the name Sravasti had been attributed to it. The place is one of the most important pilgrimage centres of the Buddhists and Jains. After attaining mahaparinirvana, Buddha left a trail of footsteps here. So the place is holy for the devotees of Buddha. According to legend, it is here where Buddha bewildered his critics by making them witness a miraculous million-fold self-manifestation seated on a thousand-petalled lotus, as fire and water emanated from his body.

Archaeology of Sravasti
The excavations have exposed the massive gates of the city, ramparts and also the ruins of other structures, which stand testimony to the prosperity of ancient Sravasti. The Sobhanath Temple is located at Maheth. Saheth is the site of Jetavana monastery. It is an important place of pilgrimage, adorned with numerous shrines, stupas and monasteries. The temples are built in the Gupta style.

Temples of Sravasti
The main temples of Buddha's residence were Raj Kuti, Koshambi Kuti, Gandha Kuti and Kakeri Kuti. Gandha Kuti was his main residence.

Tourism in Sravasti
The Devi Patan Temple is one of the most important Shaktipeeth in the entire region. Shobhanath Temple is one of the important temples of Sravasti. Many pilgrims visit this temple every year. The 'Shobhanath' temple at Srivasti is believed to be the birthplace of Jain tirthankar 'Sambhavanath. Shravasti is an important centre for the Jains. Maheth is identified with the remains of the city.

(Last Updated on : 19/11/2015)
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Sravasti, Ancient City - Informative & researched article on Sravasti, Ancient City
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